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How much water should a child drink

Children need more water than adults. Drink plenty of clean water. Their body is still in full growth, especially in water, from which their body consists for 60%. But children hardly experience thirst. That is why it is important to assist them in this and to let the children drink water regularly so that they hydrate sufficiently. Drink more water in hot weather.

So much should a child drink

But how much water does your child need exactly? The following overview provides you with more clarity:
Toddlers (1-3) 500ml / day on top of milk
Preschool children (3-6) 500ml to 1 liter / day
Children (6-12) 1.5 liters / day (+ - 7 to 8 glasses)
Tips for difficult drinkers.

Not every child absorbs enough fluid. With these tips you make things easier for them:

  •     Enter solid drinking moments, such as in the morning when brushing your teeth, with every meal and after a toilet visit.
  •     Personalize a glass or goblet to make a nice moment of drinking.
  •     Take a larger glass or cup from your Water Cooler Burpengary, so you have to replenish less and drink your child more.

Is it important to give babies water?

It is still a bit different for babies. The first 6 months after the birth, a baby has enough milk. Extra drink reduces the appetite so that he will not drink milk. During breastfeeding, extra drink causes a disturbance of milk production. For the first 6 months, the baby only needs his milk feed (breastfeeding or artificial feeding). In warm weather, moms who breastfeed can simply place their babies a little more often. Cold and hot water straight from your Water Cooler Burpengary. In nursing babies, a small extra portion can not hurt. After 6 months on top of the solid food - which also contains moisture - a sip of water can be given. Especially in warm weather. Drinking water prevents muscle pain.

Why is moisture important for a baby?

If the body of a child consists of 60% water, this is initially 78% for a baby. Is it bad to drink water while eating. To keep the fluid balance up to standard, it is recommended to give your baby fluid. Also because babies do not feel thirsty for the first year and a half. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Burpengary. In addition to the moisture balance, sufficient moisture is also important for the baby's body temperature, which is very sensitive to temperature changes. By allowing the baby to drink extra fluid, you keep the body temperature up to standard.

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