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Drinking water lowers the blood pressure

Posted by Peter on 5 September 2016
Drinking water lowers the blood pressure

We talked more often about water and the benefits of water and how much you should drink actually. Sometimes it is difficult to decide who to believe now, because you hear so many conflicting messages. So we still hear many times that we should drink less than 3 liters of water per day, while this is just very unhealthy. Others say you should reduce your water consumption, but this is not healthy. Also, you often hear that you should drink water at a certain time or a certain amount. It should lower your blood pressure. I want to pay more attention to this message, because people unfortunately tend to assume it is truth all they read on the Internet? So, can drinking water really help to lower your blood pressure? Read on and find out!

The health benefits of water

Actually I should drink more water. There is no person that disputes the health benefits of drinking water. Water is a natural source of liquid for your body and no one is ever become sick by drinking clean and filtered water. Natural filtered water from Prestige Water is a much better choice than soda and other sugary drinks. As long as you drink water in particular and just when you are thirsty, you are already doing well. However, it is also said that drinking water at certain times can help people who suffer from high blood pressure. Recently, the message is divided that drinking water drunk at a specific intervals would be more effective than other times, moreover, that this would have numerous health benefits.

Drink water after getting up

Perhaps you have also already read that you can drink water after getting up, ideally, two glasses of water to activate your organs. But what organs? There are no specific organs, which are activated only because you drink water at any given moment. Of course this does not mean that it is unhealthy. After all, you had hours of sleep and you will lose plenty of fluids in the night. Chances are also good that you naturally thirsty in the morning. But it is certainly not something that you can "activate" drinking water in your body.

30 minutes before a meal drink a glass of water

If you just look on the Internet to find out how for example you can lose a few kilogram just to improve your digestion, you will soon find the advise to drink a large glass of water 30 minutes before every meal. Water disappears quickly from your system and will therefore contribute little to keep you full. And if you drink it really right before the meal, it makes your stomach again quicker empty because the content as it were leached. Drinking water and losing weight. This again ensures that you just quickly get hungry again and also has a negative effect on your digestive system. Beverages before a meal will not hurt, but limit the amount and drink only when thirsty, not because you think you can lose weight with this.

Drink water before you go to bed

Drinking water before you go to bed apparently could help to prevent a stroke or heart attack. But if it was so easy, then everyone would do it naturally. That may be true however when you drink enough water (note: sufficient means not too much) and thus are sufficiently hydrated, you have a smaller risk of heart attack or stroke. Drink before you go to bed has however no effect on. However, if you drink enough, your heart can easily do its work and pump blood through the vessels. Moreover, toxins are flushed out your body, making it easier for your heart to perform its task. This gives you indeed somewhat less risk of heart attack, but this difference is not great. The best is natural to follow a healthy diet without saturated fat and with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Finally ....

It is not necessary to worry about when you drink water and when not. As you have seen, there is no positive effect if you drink at a particular time. The important thing is simply that you drink enough water and as long as you drink when you are thirsty, no need to worry about this. Note; drink when you are thirsty and drink mostly water.

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