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What drinking water really does for your skin

Posted by Peter on 6 September 2016
What drinking water really does for your skin

Is drinking water from your Prestige Water cooler healthy for your skin?

Can you reduce wrinkles by drinking water?

Most of us grow up with the same assumption: that you look younger if you drink enough water. But is this really true?

Yes and no.

Water is indispensable for the entire body and all our organs, including our skin. A collapsed, dull and dry skin can be a sign of a lack of moisture - and when your skin is dry, lines and wrinkles are all the more visible. Because we lose moisture all the time; while we breathe, sweat and swallow food, it is important to replenish fluid reserves during the day.

Water contains minerals that hydrate our body and skin. Drinking enough water is therefore important to keep looking good and to keep our skin hydrated.

But, do you get a better result by drinking more water, so that you keep your skin elastic and have fewer wrinkles? No. The only thing that happens is that you have to go to the toilet more often.

There are researchers who even claim that we make ourselves sick by drinking too much water.

If you really want fewer wrinkles by drinking more water, add The Solution Anti-wrinkle collagen to your glass, a collagen powder that contains 100% pure collagen, without taste or odor.

Collagen occurs naturally in the skin and keeps the skin supple and elastic. From the age of 30 the natural collagen content in your skin decreases and wrinkles are created - no matter how much water you drink.

Water is important to keep your skin fresh and attractive, but drinking water alone is not enough to prevent wrinkles.

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