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Reasons to drink more water

1. Stay mentally strong

Filtered water or bottled water. As we know by now, a lack of moisture can lead to imbalances in the electrolyte balance. Hot and cold water from a water cooler Albany Creek and water dispenser Albany Creek. This also applies to the electrolytes, sodium chloride and potassium. These are the two substances that are necessary for, among other things, maintaining the acidity of the body. When we look at the mental aspect, these two also play a very important role in communication between the brain, muscles and organs. A shortage of this causes the sending of signals in your brain at a lower speed. As a result, you move more slowly and your body actually reacts more slowly to what is happening. The counting and tracking of your reps, during your WOD, can therefore go wrong, and the technique of your exercise may be lost due to the miscommunication that takes place there.

2. Reduces joint and muscle pain and increases your flexibility

Is water healthy? Great tasting water from a water cooler Albany Creek and water dispenser Albany Creek. You probably know it, you wake up in the morning and you think: "Well that is actually pretty bad after yesterday's WOD ........." Until the day progresses and progresses and the muscle pain gets worse by the minute. The question is then? "Did you immediately restore your fluid after the WOD?" If not, then the consequences, of not immediately bringing up water by drinking water, can emerge later. Water regulates the relaxing and relaxing of the muscles, too little water results in cramps, as a result of which this control of regulation is lost. Let's also look at the joints. Cartilage around and in joints consists of 65-80% water. Yes, there we go again. The most important function is the damping and lubrication of joints and tissues so that everything stays elastic, so you are flexible. Minerals in a water cooler Albany Creek and water dispenser Albany Creek.

3. The calculation that helps you to manage your water

In order to determine how much water you have to receive in base without being trained, we assume the following calculation. Take your own body weight and do this time the factor 0.03325. For a person weighing 80 kg this would look like this: 80 x 0.03325 = 2.66 liters of water per day. On days that you train, add approximately 0.5 liters per half hour that you train. Suppose you go to your box and you follow your general and specific w-up, your WOD and your stretching part then the person of 80 KG 3.66 liters of water on that particular day should drink. And how can you organize fluid intake around the WOD most efficiently? Cold or hot drinks in warm weather?

Make sure that you have already drank 0.5 - 0.6 liters for 2-3 hours before your workout.
Make sure you drink 0.25 liters during your w-up (20-30 min) before you start ramming the workout
Drink 0.25 liters again within 30 minutes after your WOD
Also drink around 0.5 liters for every 500 grams that you have lost after the workout. Lemon water healthy and delicious. Fill in your moisture immediately.

So. No empty water bottles and cups, no comments like: "I think I drank too little water today" and we do not want coca cola in your toilet anymore! Make sure you have your water with you at all times. If your bottle or chalice is empty, refill it immediately after the last drop. Maintains your muscle strength, flexibility and recovery faster and stay mentally strong by drinking enough water from a water cooler Albany Creek and water dispenser Albany Creek!

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