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Drink more chilled water

Drinking water from a water chiller (chilled water) can reduce the total daily calorie intake. Scientists at the University of Illinois in the USA have determined this. They examined the drinking habits of more than 18,300 adults. Not only did water from the tap, bottle or cooler, reduce the total daily calorie intake by 1 percent, also reduced the intake of saturated fat, sugar, salt and cholesterol. Drinking more water from a water chiller from Prestige Water (chilled water) ensures a lower intake of fats, salt and sugar. Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. People who took one, two or three cups of water extra each day (250 to 750 ml) reduced their total energy intake by 78-235 grams. They also consumed 5-18 grams less sugar and daily used 7-21 grams less cholesterol.

"The impact of simple water intake of chilled water was the same for every ethnicity and level of education, income and body weight. These findings indicate that it can be enough to simply promote water instead of other drinks, nutritional interventions and campaigns, "the researchers said. On average, participants drank 1 liter of water daily, 30% more than their usual water intake from a water chiller. The decrease of 1% of the daily total calorie intake amounted to a decrease of 8.6 calories per day. Whether the daily reduction of 8.6 calories is enough to promote only water in nutritional interventions, as the authors think, not everyone will think the same. Eating delicious ripe fruit.

Acceleration of metabolism

Drinking water lowers the blood pressure. Previous studies also showed the positive effects of drinking more water. They showed that drinking more than enough water has even greater effects. For example, drinking half a liter of water led to an acceleration of the metabolism of 24-30% for the duration of one and a half hours. These results lead to a calorie loss of 96 calories per day. Timing is also important: Drinking water half an hour before every meal is most effective. It makes fuller so that less is eaten. A study in Obesity reports that participants who drank half a liter of water half an hour before a meal lost 44% more weight in a 12-week period. Drinking cold water or chilled water from a water chiller with filter from Prestige Water is best because the body uses energy to bring the water to body temperature. That is why models often drink ice water or chilled water throughout the day.

Better brain

A better energy level and sharper brain function are other positive effects of drinking enough water. The brain is strongly influenced by the hydration status. Even mild dehydration (1-3% of body weight) can negatively affect many aspects of brain function. When young women in study 1 lost 36% of body fluid after training, mood and concentration deteriorated and headaches increased! A similar study, but with young men, showed that a loss of 1.59% of fluids ruptured, what kind of working memory and feelings of anxiety and fatigue increased. Many other studies show this effect of mild dehydration on mood, energy level, memory and other brain functions, from children to the elderly. There are minerals in the water chiller (chilled water).

Less headache

Dehydration provokes headaches and migraine. Drinking water just alleviates this. Drink chilled water from a water chiller. This is not the case with every type of headache, but if drinking water has no effect on the frequency of headaches, it reduces the intensity and duration somewhat.

Better bowel movements

Drinking water also helps with better bowel movements. Low water consumption is a risk factor for constipation in young and older people. Especially spring water with puncture is promising in case of blockage, although the reason is not completely understood.

Prevent kidney stones

Drinking water with kidney stones. Water can prevent the formation of these painful crystallized nuggets in people who have previously had kidney stones. Chilled Water is not the only moisture that can prevent the formation of kidney stones; This also applies to herbal tea and apple juice. Coffee, soft drinks and alcohol can actually promote kidney stones. Drinking water with fruit and spice.

Water Chiller, Chilled Water

10 Reasons to start the day with lukewarm water with lemon juice

1. It strengthens your immune system

These are the consequences of drinking too little water. Because the lemon juice is rich in vitamin C you build up a better resistance and you are more resistant to flu and a cold. But that is not all, except for vitamin C, sufficient iron is also important for a properly functioning immune system. Vitamin C helps to better absorb iron from your diet.

2. It improves your digestion

The composition of lemon juice is very similar to that of stomach acid and helps you to release and wash away harmful substances from your digestive tract. It can therefore also reduce stomach acid and bloating. It also stimulates bile production and hydrates your intestines and puts them to work, improving bowel movements. also try drinking chilled water from a water chiller.

3. It hydrates your body

It is important to provide your body with sufficient fluid, especially in the summer. Ordinary water works best for that, but it gets boring quickly. Lemon juice makes the water a little more attractive than ordinary water. So don't just start your day with it, drink it for the rest of the day if you like it.

4. It helps with weight loss

Drinking chilled water from a water chiller with lemon juice can help you to lose weight faster and to maintain weight in the long term. It counteracts good appetite, speeds up your metabolism and makes you feel full for longer.

5. It keeps your skin young

Lemon juice and chilled water are rich in antioxidants and they fight free radicals in the body. These free radicals are among other things the cause of premature aging of the skin. Vitamin C helps the skin maintain its elasticity and to prevent wrinkles.

6. It prevents inflammation in the body

Lemons have the ability to remove uric acid from the joints. The accumulation of uric acid is one of the biggest causes of inflammation.

7. It prevents acidification of your body

It seems contradictory because lemons themselves are so acidic, but they are among the most dour foods. There are minerals in chilled water from a water chiller. An acidified body can cause many health problems such as inflammation, osteoarthritis, diabetes and being overweight. It is therefore important to prevent acidification of your body as much as possible.

8. It helps detoxify your body

Lemons help you to get rid of waste. This way you prevent harmful substances from accumulating in your cells, tissues and organs. Your liver is stimulated by lemon juice to produce more enzymes and works more efficiently. Lemon juice also has a cleansing effect on your urinary tract so that bacteria are less likely to multiply and cause bladder infection. 10 Ways to keep your kidneys healthy. Lemons also detox the intestines.

9. It provides fresh breath

Lemons refresh your breath and fight bacteria in your mouth. Are fruit juices healthy. Yet there is also a downside. The citric acid can affect your tooth enamel. Therefore always drink the lemon juice diluted with water and after wards take a few more gulps of clean water to rinse your mouth to prevent dental erosion. You can drink chilled water from a water chiller from Prestige Water. Never brush your teeth immediately after wards (not even after eating other fruit), but wait at least half an hour. The fruit acid makes the glaze soft and brushing can easily damage it. What happens in your body if you drink soda.

10. It provides brain power

The minerals potassium and magnesium are widely present in lemons and that is good for the health of the brain and nervous system. Lemon water picks you up, ensures that you can think clearly and that you can concentrate better. On the other hand, it helps to control stress.

If you don't have fresh lemons to hand, apple cider vinegar is a good replacement. Try drinking chilled water from a water chiller.

Drink a lot of water from your water chiller

Actually I should drink more water. It is quite an achievement in itself if you drink between 1.5 - 2 liters of water every day, but water therapy even goes one step further, because you drink this amount when you are just awake. The principle of water therapy is very simple:

  • Immediately after you get up, drink 1.5 liters of cold water from your water chiller (5 - 6 glasses of water).
  • Do not eat or drink anything else in the hour after you drink the chilled water.
  • Alcohol is not allowed the evening before water therapy.
  • Drinking plenty of water on an empty stomach if your body is not yet  started up "cleanses your system and cleans your colon. This makes your body better able to absorb the nutrients from your meals during the day. This has a positive effect on the production of new blood, which in turn has a cleansing and repairing effect on the body.

5 reasons to drink a lot of water:

  • Helps you lose weight. By drinking 1 liter of cold water from your water chiller in the morning you can increase your metabolism for the rest of the day by 24%.
  • Reduces wrinkles and adds shine to your skin. Water helps to filter the toxins from the blood, making you look younger and fresher. Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter.
  • Cleans the colon and ensures that your body can absorb more nutrients.
  • Regulates the lymph system and prevents infection.
  • Increases the production of new blood and new muscle cells.

If you are not used to drinking water in the morning, do not immediately start water therapy, but build the process gradually. First, start by drinking 1 glass of chilled water daily in the morning and slowly increase the amount of water until the time comes that you drink 5-6 glasses of water in the morning. Drink the water calmly and take a break between the glasses. Lemon juice in your water - super healthy.

It is actually superfluous to say, but the better the quality of water, the more effect you will achieve with chilled water therapy.

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