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Perth Filtyered Water Coolers

Welcome to Perth filtered water coolers, your No.1 specialist in water filtration and water coolers. Are you sluggish when you wake up in the mornings? Lost your energy to make it through the day? Why not make this year the year you make a personal change - eat healthier and drink more water, it's the greatest way to start. We at Perth filtered water coolers would like to take this opportunity to help you get back on your feet and feeling 100%. Our Perth filtered water coolers systems are convenient, stylish and are fitted with a 7-stage filtration system, which not only cleans the toxins out of your body, giving you more energy but also adds essential minerals to your blood supply making you have greater concentration skills and a boost you had forgotten existed. With all the chemicals in our tap water, it is no wonder we are all getting health problems. Chlorine and all other chemicals are entering your body every day you drink from your tap water. We at Perth filtered water coolers are proud to offer our Bench Top filtered system for the home and small businesses up to the stainless steel model for lager offices. We supply to homes, businesses, child care centres, schools, the list is endless, we want to help every one achieve a healthier life stile. Will you be the first to take this positive step for your health?

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Perth Filtered Water Dispensers

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Why drink water when losing weight, Perth Filtered Water Cooler

Calculate how much water you should drink per day. Why does drinking water help with weight loss? Many people swear by it and drink water all day long. Two to three liters of water a day seems to be healthy. But why? We discuss three reasons below.

Water provides energy

Your body functions well when you drink enough water. Many experts recommend 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. Water helps to ensure that you get more energy. This will increase your metabolism, as well as the burning of fats. A side effect is that you feel a lot fitter and you will lose weight even more motivated. Water works! Therefore drink water from a Perth Filtered Water Cooler. Tips to get through the summer cool.

Water reduces hunger

It sounds very simple, but it is no less true: when you drink water, your stomach is full. As a result, you are less likely to feel hungry. Water actually reduces the feeling of hunger. A golden tip is therefore as follows: drink one to two glasses of water before every meal. Fill a cold glass of water from our Perth Filtered Water Cooler. It ensures that you experience a saturated feeling faster. That in turn means that you will eat less.

Water replaces high-calorie drinks

Why should you drink water when you want to lose weight? Water is not only good to give you a fuller feeling. Water also ensures that you will consume fewer other drinks. For example, drinks with many calories. Great tasting water from a Perth Filtered Water Cooler. Good hydration in the summer. Many people who lose weight experience that this is difficult, while they have started to eat much less and exercise more. It is often in the thirst quencher. Because of the many movements you simply get thirsty faster. Many thirst quenches contain a lot of calories.

Lemon water is healthy, Perth filtered water coolers

Lemon hot honey Why hot water with lemon and honey deserves a place in your morning ritual
A warm cup of honey-lemon water is both tasty and soothing. In the wellness and health world it is also recommended as a healing drink. Both honey and lemons are incredibly healthy, which made some people wonder whether the combination is that healthy. Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. This article examines the evidence for the health of honey-lemon water. Drinking a glass of warm water with honey every morning costs us almost nothing, so if you want to lose weight in a healthy way, don't hesitate to have a glass of warm water with a little honey and the juice of half a lemon. Healthy drink water from the Perth filtered water coolers. No matter what size you are, losing weight is never easy. Cinnamon, organic lemon and raw honey can be a very useful. Eating delicious ripe fruit. Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon and honey in the morning is often advised to lose weight. But did you know that this ritual is still a lot. Drinking a glass of warm water every morning costs almost nothing for lemon. However, honey can give us a lot. This is a natural weight loss that has been honey and super effective for a long time. We are rushing lemon all morning. Drinking water with fruit and spice.

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Is it possible to lose weight with ginger and lemon? let the cooking cool down a little and then season with a spoon of honey. Drinking a glass of warm water from the Perth filtered water coolers with honey every morning costs us almost nothing, so if you want to lose weight in a healthy way, don't hesitate to have a glass of warm water with a little honey and the juice of half a lemon. Drink great tasting water from the Perth filtered water coolers. No matter what size you are, losing weight is never easy. Cinnamon, organic lemon and raw honey can be a very useful. Do not expect miracles when losing weight with honey and cinnamon. By maintaining your unhealthy diet and adding some honey and cinnamon to it daily, you will of course not lose weight and get a flat stomach. Lemons help you lose weight because they contain fiber, but also because the vitamin C from the lemon triggers certain chemical reactions in our body that convert fat into energy. Both the lemon and the Manuka honey help to kill the bacteria. Don't feel like buying an expensive pot of Manuka honey? Then choose organic honey. Lose more weight by drinking from the Perth filtered water Coolers. The. Lose weight without dieting with honey and cinnamon. Published by Lucifall in Health and fitness Including the recipe for an ultimate waste drink with detox qualities! No Limioen, vinegar or lemon. You only need to drink this drink twice a day and it is only effective on an empty stomach and during the night. Through this drink you.

10 tips to get your child to drink more water from the Perth filtered water coolers

Drinking water is very important during the supervision I give the children. Many children come to me with their food diary in hand. I always ask the mother if she wants to keep this up for a few days. This gives me a very clear picture of the eating habits. I am always "happy" when packets are taken to school: these are the first points where a lot of profit can be gained. Many children that I see are crazy about drinking water. With the following tips I do get them on the water. The funny thing is that after a few consultations, parents already indicate that their child no longer speaks to soft drinks and sweet juices.

I would also like to give you these tips so that you can apply them yourself.

  • Stop buying packages and drinking bags. If you do not want to switch from cold Turkey to water, you can mix a little syrup. Great tasting water from the Perth filtered water coolers. There are more and more good, sugar-free syrups for sale that are sweetened with natural sweeteners.
  • Slow down the use of lemonade syrup and use more and more water. Children have become accustomed to the sweet taste and so you let them slowly get used to the taste of water. Instead of water you can of course also give your child tea. There are so many flavors of tea nowadays that there is probably one that your child loves. For the summer, iced tea with orange and mint is also delicious.
  • Why you must drink water when get up in the morning. Choose a nice water bottle or water bottle with your child. You also have them with a separate compartment for fruit! An additional advantage of a water bottle that goes to school is that boyfriends and girlfriends don't see what's in it. Many children do not want to be different from others and do not want classmates to know that they are bringing water (with a little syrup) to school. Yes, drink more healthy water from the Perth filtered water coolers.
  • You can give water a taste with fruit and herbs; think of orange, mint, basil, cucumber but also frozen fruit from a box from the supermarket.
  • Very important: set the right example yourself! Children imitate a lot of their parents.
  • Nowadays you can buy large lemonade taps with a tap at many shops. Consider together with your child what you put into it. The kids can of course tap themselves.
  • Turn fruit juice into beautifully colored ice cubes in fun shapes and add it to the water from the Perth filtered water coolers. Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs.
  • Buy ice lolly molds and fill them with water and syrup and a fruit in it.
  • Especially emphasize that drinking water is nice and make it fun. Keep it cozy and don't fight it.

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Perth Filtered Water Coolers. It will only take you a few minutes to cut the ingredients and add them to the water.

1. Water with mint and lemon

Healthy drinks instead of water. This drink is a delicious thirst quencher because of the lemon and mint. The lemon does not provide a sour taste, but rather a very fresh taste. Also, lemon is very healthy; it has a moisturizing effect and removes waste products. Lemon also has an anti-acidifying effect, ensures beautiful skin and good digestion. The mint provides extra flavor and helps against bad breath. Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar.

2. Water with mint, watermelon and lime

Another surprising, refreshing combination: watermelon and mint. Wonderful for a summer day.

3. Water with basil, strawberries and lemon

Strawberries and basil go well together. The lemon slices will make your drink a little fresher. Drink this quickly, because the longer the strawberries are in the water, the mushier they become.

4. Water with grapefruit, lemon and orange

A drink with only citrus fruits: grapefruit, orange and lemon

5. Water with lemon and lavender

Lavender? Yes, lavender is delicious! Water in combination with lemon and lavender is special and delicious at the same time. Do you still find it a bit too sour? Then you can add a scoop of sugar.

6. Water with cucumber

You can also keep it very simple: just drink your water from the Perth filtered water coolers with some slices of cucumber. Thinly slice the cucumber to release more flavors.

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