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5 Reasons to drink enough water

Water, there are people who never drink.  Actually I should drink more water. When I ask about what and how much someone drinks, the answer is often that drinking coffee or tea is supplemented with a glass of beer, wine or soft drinks. These people rarely or never drink a glass of water. Our body consists of 60-70% of water on average. This is also logical if you know that water is needed for many body functions. Tap Water is not healthy anymore, therefor filter.

Absorption of nutrients

So you need moisture for the distribution of nutrients and oxygen through your body: all the nutrients you eat and the oxygen you breathe are absorbed into your blood. This blood is pumped through the heart so that the nutrients and oxygen are transported through the blood. Blood consists of 92% water. In order to keep your blood flowing properly, you need sufficient water.

Flexible joints

Sufficient water is also important for supple joints. Joints are complex, they need the necessary maintenance. The cartilage in the joints acts like a kind of sponge: with every movement it sucks itself full of moisture (water). So water is needed to 'lubricate' the joints and provide nutrients.

Body temperature

Furthermore, water is needed to regulate the body temperature. In case of hot weather or intensive exercise you will perspire; a reaction from the body to prevent overheating. In order to perspire, water is needed and with a lot of perspiration it is also important to drink water.

Good kidney function

When you drink too little, the kidneys have to work much harder to excrete waste and can therefore be damaged. Every cell in the body needs water to function properly, so insufficient intake of water can lead to dysfunction and illness. Fatigue and headaches are common consequences of drinking too little water. But I still drink coffee. Coffee and tea (except herbal tea) remove moisture, they cause dehydration. Soft drinks contain a lot of sugar. Beer and other alcoholic beverages contain alcohol and these also have the effect that this dries you out. That is why you, after drinking too much alcohol, get up with a headache the next day.


Drinking enough water is therefore vitally important, but how much do you have to drink? On average about 1.5 liters of water per day is sufficient. You really do not have to drink throughout the day, I even advise against this: every time you drink, the immune system comes into action to check whether the water is in order. And as I have written in a previous blog, it is not good if the immune system has to be active all day long. My advice is to drink 2 large glasses of water before each meal. With 3 meals per day you will receive 1.5 liters. Make sure you also get enough minerals. When you drink more water, you start peeing more and you lose minerals. This is also the case with heavy perspiration. You have probably noticed that your skin tastes salty after a lot of sweating, a sign that your salts / minerals have been excreted. In case of a shortage of minerals, your body will retain moisture, to keep the concentration of salts and minerals up to standard. You can notice this by getting thick feet or ankles.

Celtic sea salt

Celtic sea salt is unrefined salt which is extracted in Guérande in Brittany (France). Refined kitchen salt only ordered sodium and chlorine. 5 Tips to drink plenty of water at the Office. Celtic sea salt, on the other hand, contains about 80 different minerals and spores in addition to sodium chloride. With this salt you can thus ensure intake of sufficient minerals. Well, I can hear you thinking: but are we already getting too much salt? That is certainly the case when you eat a lot of ready-to-eat products, bread, biscuits and snacks. Moreover, you only get refined salt, sodium chloride, inside.

Little salt in raw food

However, if you eat pure and unprocessed food, there is a chance that you will not get enough salt. We need about 6 grams of salt per day. So look critically at your meals: are they processed and is salt added? Or do you eat everything fresh and prepared yourself? In the latter case you do not really get that much salt! My day always starts with a glass of sole of Celtic sea salt. Sole is a solution of this sea salt in water. I put 1 egg spoon in a glass of water. It has a nice, soft taste and I love to start the day with it.

Source of minerals

Lemon juice in your water - super healthy. By drinking this sole, you provide the body with minerals and salt, which benefits your health. From various people I have heard positive effects from the use of sole: a young woman who had a severe laryngitis a couple of times, has never had any problems since she used Celtic sea salt.

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?