Filtered Water Dispensers Hervey Bay

Never pay for bottled water again? Yes, you never will have to buy bottled water with Filtered Water Dispensers Hervey Bay.

Filtered Water Dispensers Hervey Bay from Prestige Water do have a filter bottle. This filter bottle will convert your regular tap water into great tasting drinking water with added minerals without having to pay for it. It is the perfect way to remove the chemicals from your tap water. Now you, your family or your staff can enjoy great tasting drinking water free from your own tap. Never run out, you can refill this bottle as often as you like.


Bench Top Filtered Water Dispensers Hervey Bay     Bench Top Filtered Water Dispensers Hervey Bay

Floor Standing Filtered Water Dispensers Hervey Bay     Floor Standing Filtered Water Dispensers Hervey Bay

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You can choose from our Bench Top water cooler or our Floor Standing water cooler. Both are fitted with our filtration bottle. Inside the bottle you find our multi stage filter cartridge that will filter out the harsh chemicals found in tap water. It's the perfect filter system for your home or office. You can be assured that you will drink the purest water from now on. It's very easy to top up with tap water and it will produce clean and great tasting water, all day, every day. This filter cartridge will not only remove the harsh chemicals from your tap water but also the very important minerals will be added back to the water as well. 

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?