Filtered Water Dispensers and Water Coolers Hervey Bay

Never pay for bottled water again? Yes, you never will have to buy bottled water with Filtered Water Dispensers Hervey Bay.

Filtered Water Dispensers Hervey Bay from Prestige Water do have a filter bottle. This filter bottle will convert your regular tap water into great tasting drinking water with added minerals without having to pay for it. It is the perfect way to remove the chemicals from your tap water. Now you, your family or your staff can enjoy great tasting drinking water free from your own tap. Never run out, you can refill this bottle as often as you like.


Bench Top Filtered Water Dispensers Hervey Bay     Bench Top Filtered Water Dispensers Hervey Bay

Floor Standing Filtered Water Dispensers Hervey Bay     Floor Standing Filtered Water Dispensers Hervey Bay

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You can choose from our Bench Top filtered water cooler Hervey Bay or our Floor Standing filtered water cooler Hervey Bay. Both are fitted with our filtration bottle. Inside the bottle you find our multi stage filter cartridge that will filter out the harsh chemicals found in tap water. It's the perfect filter system for your home or office. You can be assured that you will drink the purest water from now on. It's very easy to top up with tap water and it will produce clean and great tasting water, all day, every day. This filter cartridge will not only remove the harsh chemicals from your tap water but also the very important minerals will be added back to the water as well. Filtered water coolers and dispensers Hervey Bay will provide you with great tasting drinking water made from your own tap!

Are you into health? Here are some tips:

Why drinking water? How important is drinking water? Why drinking water will help with Greater Health? Here are some reasons to drink more and good quality water:

Healthier life tips from Filtered water coolers and dispensers Hervey Bay

1. Eat more vegetable

Many people eat meat several times a day, with a good deal of dairy and eggs in addition. All this adds up to a diet full of animal products. Now animal food can be an excellent source of proteins, for example, but it also has enough disadvantages! So try to opt for vegetable alternatives more often, such as vegetables, grains, legumes and nuts.

2. Choose whole grain

There is no reason to leave carbohydrates - but choose the right ones! An easy change is to replace all your white bread, pasta and rice with whole-grain varieties. For example, wraps, pita bread and many other products are also available as whole-grain.

3. First scoop up the vegetables

Struggling to get enough vegetables? First scoop them up and make sure that about half of your plate is full of them. If you are hungry after that first plate, then only eat extra vegetables, no proteins and carbohydrates. Hervey Bay filtered water cooler dispenser for your home or the office. That way you don't get too many calories, but you are just full.

4. Do not add any more salt

Many meals are salty enough. So don't throw another mountain over it! Choose herbs or spices if you want more flavor. (Only if you do not use any packages and bags when cooking can extra salt be a good idea).

5. Do not drink alcohol

Alcohol is their big smuggling point for many people. Occasionally a drink should of course absolutely be possible. The problem? It often doesn't stop there. Tap water is not healthy anymore. Therefore filter.

Do you want to lose some pounds? With an evening of heavy drinking you can suddenly offset the calorie deficit of the past week. Try drinking water with added minerals from filtered water cooler dispenser Hervey Bay. Try to live without alcohol for a month. You will be surprised about the positive effect on your (physical and mental) condition.

6. Do not drink calories

Lemon juice in your water - super healthy. Preferably, you no longer get any calories through your drinking. That is, after all, the quickest way to get too many sugars and to create a calorie surplus. Simply choose water, tea or a few cups of coffee. Water with some fruit in it is also a great option.
Free feeding schedule?
What is your target?

7. Put a bottle of water on the table

Healthy drinking water made from your own tap with Prestige Water filtered water coolers and water dispensers Hervey Bay. Many people generally do not drink enough. 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day is a good guideline to adhere to. Always have a full bottle of water on your desk or workplace. This way you automatically drink more throughout the day.

8. Put fruit on the table

These two pieces of fruit also often remain a challenge. With a bowl of fruit right in front of you, however, this will automatically become the first option if you feel like a snack. And fruit with all its fibers and vitamins is just right for that. What kind of water to drink.

9. Buy healthy snacks

You certainly do not have to renounce snacks in order to live a healthier life. Instead, just make sure you always have something healthy at home. Dried fruit, nuts, vegetables with a humus dip, dark chocolate, healthy cheesecake or a recipe from our list of quick snacks ... Everything is possible.

10. Eat slowly and with attention

Eating too fast is an important reason that many people overeat. If you eat your meal without thinking, you will also be hungry again sooner. So do not eat in front of the TV or while working, but really sit in front of it!

11. White meat instead of red meat

If you eat meat, it is wiser to mainly opt for white meat. Chicken and turkey, for example, or natural (fatty) fish. The reason for this is that red meat is more strongly associated with cardiovascular disease and other health problems. A steak can be fine, but in moderation!

12. Switch fats

And talking about fats, there is also rapid improvement possible. Many people eat too much saturated fats and omega-6 fatty acids, and too little omega 3. More vegetable food is a first step. Choose olive oil instead of other vegetable oils, and eat nuts, fatty fish and avocado.

13. Meditate or do breathing exercises

Stress is an important factor that seriously hampers your health. If you want to live a healthier life, moments of relaxation are very important. Short meditations or breathing exercises are good ways to relax.

14. Watch less TV and spend less time on your smart phone

Do you automatically fall down in front of the TV after every working day? Or are you scrolling through Facebook on your smart phone all day? Filtered water cooler and dispenser Hervey Bay. you often spend hours unnoticed with it, in which you do not really rest. Rather take a bath, take a walk, or use the time to cook and eat healthily. Drink plenty of filtered water from our water dispensers Hervey Bay.

15. Set an alarm clock to go to bed

Living healthier also means: sleeping more. Many people simply forget to go to bed on time - before you know it, it's already later than you thought. Setting an alarm clock can therefore really help. This way you know exactly when it is time to start your evening ritual. About Prestige Water.
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How much water do you actually have to drink from a filtered water dispenser Hervey Bay?


Prevent dehydration

When you consume or lose more fluid than you absorb and the body does not have enough water and other fluids to function properly, dehydration occurs. Sometimes it is because you do not drink enough because of illness and sometimes you do not think about it because you are busy. People also forget to drink when traveling, hiking or camping. 5 Helpful tips with losing weight by drinking water.

What does water do for our body?

  • a good solvent for all kinds of substances
  • means of transport of substances
  • a constructive function
  • temperature regulation
Particularly during work, where a lot of heat is produced, the temperature of the body threatens to become too high. By evaporating the moisture on the skin (perspiration), heat is extracted from the body, keeping the body temperature constant at 37 ° C. Perspiration is therefore a protection against too high body temperature. Make sure you drink plenty of water from the filtered water dispensers Hervey Bay.

In particular if prolonged efforts are made in a warm environment, this entails a great deal of moisture loss. Under normal circumstances, water is excreted through urine, faeces, respiration and skin. A moisture loss of 3% already leads to a performance decrease of 10% in energy. This is because chemical conversions of energy-producing substances depend on the concentrations of those dissolved substances in the water.

To prevent performance impairment, it is very important to maintain the moisture balance and to regularly replenish the losses. Under normal circumstances, this is supplemented by food and drink, but in order to replenish the lost moisture and energy more quickly, specially marketed drinks are used for this.

Sports drinks

Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar. The range of sports drinks is large. Sportsmen often make a choice based on make and color. To make the right choice, the amount of moisture and the amount of energy that you need to supplement must be taken into account. The speed with which lost substances are absorbed into the body is important for the choice of certain drinks. Healthy drinks instead of water.

They can be divided into:

  • thirst-quenchers
  • energy drinks
  • recovery drinks

Thirst quencher

Use especially in warm weather, during long-term and after short-term efforts. Great tasting water from the Benchtop or Floor Standing filtered water dispensers Hervey Bay.
During exercise, a lot of electrolytes (minerals) are lost as a result of perspiration. It has been found that isotonic drinks, drinks that are adapted to the composition of the body, are absorbed the fastest. Under normal circumstances, this does not have to be taken into account, but during and immediately after exercise, rapid absorption of moisture, minerals and carbohydrates makes sense. This is best achieved with isotonic liquids such as Isostar. Moisture needs to be replenished slowly and in moderation before the feeling of thirst occurs. It is also important that drinking during endurance sports is trained, because drinking while walking or cycling often leads to choking. Moreover, drinking while walking easily causes walking rhythm disturbances.

Too hot and too cold drinks can cause delayed uptake in the blood because they do not have the body temperature.

Energy drinks

In fact, they are only important for quickly replenishing the energy used. You should watch out for drinking too many energetic drinks during and after training. (Some replenish more energy than the training uses). An energy drink can easily contain 400-500 kcal. Moreover, these drinks contain many 'bare' sugars without other useful nutrients. The excess is stored via the liver as fatty tissue. For efforts of less than an hour, filtered water from the water dispensers Hervey Bay is recommended, because energy drinks also cause many stomach and intestinal complaints.

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?