Water Weight Loss Diets - Do they work?

Written on the 9 December 2013 by Peter

Weight Loss with the Filtered Water Coolers from Prestige Water

Water is the most important substance on Earth. It makes up most of our planet, most of our bodies and is the most versatile substance humans have ever encountered. Water is, literally, life. Is it any wonder, then, that so many people try water weight loss diets? Why drinking water will help with greater health. There is no doubt that drinking a healthy amount of water is good for you on a number of levels and helping with weight loss is just one of them.

There are a number of ways that weight loss is aided by water. Weight loss is aided by water in the following ways:

Drinking cold water can help your body burn extra calories. This is because the body needs to elevate the temperature of the cold water to match the temperature of the body and to do that it burns calories to create the energy needed to warm up the water. Water itself has no caloric value so, in essence, drinking the cold water causes the body to lose weight. You will not lose weight quickly this way, but scientists say that even if the only change to your daily routine is to add a few glasses of cold water each day, you could lose five pounds a year. This number could be raised if you switch your usual beverages to the cold water-that way you will not only be cutting out the calories associated with those drinks but be increasing the number of calories that are burned.

There is also such a thing called water fasting-this is where you eat no solid foods and only drink water. Drinking lots of water. Fasting is used as a way to jump start weight loss and people can lose up to one pound per day during a fast. Fasting, of course, is not usually a very healthy way to lose weight, though it is a good way to cleanse your system of toxins.

Water is also used to aid in weight loss as an appetite suppressant. Drinking water will make you feel full which can cut down the amount of food you drink. Drinking more water will also reduce the amount of water you retain, which in itself helps you lose weight. Cold water diet. Water weight is a large problem for women and if your body knows that it is getting enough water, it will keep less stored up.

The body needs between six and eight glasses of water each day (or two liters). Better health with Prestige Water. The easiest way to make sure that you get enough water is to fill a one litre bottle with water and make sure you drink through it twice each day. Instead of reaching for soda, juice, coffee or tea when you feel thirsty, reach for you water. Weight loss will happen naturally (though slowly) and you will feel an overall boost in your health. You don't need to fast, though that might help you get started. Simply drinking enough water will improve your health by leaps and bounds. The weight loss is just an added bonus.

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