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Clean water with Filtered Water Coolers Perth

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Filtered water coolers Perth are the ideal office and home water cooler solution that saves you money and helps the environment. Water is drawn from your own tap and filled into the top compartment of the 7-stage filtration bottle. Click " 7-stage filtration bottlee " to see for yourself how it is done.

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We stock a wide variety of filtered water coolers Perth for Office and Home. For Prices and detailed information please click on one of the photo's above.

How wonderful would it be to own a filtered water cooler Perth with a 7-stage filtration system especially in our hot climate as in WA. Out of the hustle and bustle, you pass a water cooler, take a drink and feel refreshed in an instant. Not only we supply water coolers with cold water but we also have an option for hot water if required. If turned of the hot water tap dispenses room temperature water. The right water cooler for the right location for your needs, without a rental contract. You own your water cooler system without ongoing costs like rental and water purchase. Having a full glass of water all the time.

  • NO heavy lifting of water bottles
  • NO storage needed for full and empty bottles
  • NO bills to pay to buy water
  • Never run out of drinking water, just fill the bottle yourself 

We sell water coolers and water filtration bottles to a wide range of customers throughout WA and Australia wide. Our customers are Offices, Home, Schools, Factories, Hospitals, Gym, etc. We have a few models to choose from. Just click on one of the photo's above and you find our our prices, payment options, dimensions. Also you can read more about our filter.


Filtered Water Coolers Perth | Filtration Bottle with a multistage cartridge

Our unique Filtered Water Cooler Perth filters are designed to maximize the purity of the water you are drinking. Natural is healthy!!

The filters also add in essential minerals back to the water to improve better health. Better health with Prestige Water Perth.

By removing all of these unhealthy impurities ( such as chlorine and heavy metals ), you body will be able to filter itself better and you should experience a better health and joy in your life.

New product for fluoride removal from your tap water is our 8-stage filter cartridge. Fluoride in tap water.

You also know that you are providing yourself with the best clean water today. Filtered water is not only more healthier to drink but it will taste better too. You will drink more and results in better health.


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Why is Filtered Water so Important?