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Welcome to Filtered Water Coolers Perth with filtration bottle:

Filtered water coolers Perth are the ideal office and home water cooler solution that saves you money and helps the environment. Water is drawn from your own tap and filled into the top compartment of the 7-stage filtration bottle. Click " 7-stage filtration bottlee " to see for yourself how it is done.

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We stock a wide variety of filtered water coolers Perth for Office and Home. For Prices and detailed information please click on one of the photo's above.

How wonderful would it be to own a filtered water cooler Perth with a 7-stage filtration system especially in our hot climate as in WA. Out of the hustle and bustle, you pass a water cooler, take a drink and feel refreshed in an instant. Not only we supply water coolers with cold water but we also have an option for hot water if required. If turned of the hot water tap dispenses room temperature water. The right water cooler for the right location for your needs, without a rental contract. You own your water cooler system without ongoing costs like rental and water purchase. Having a full glass of water all the time.

  • NO heavy lifting of water bottles
  • NO storage needed for full and empty bottles
  • NO bills to pay to buy water
  • Never run out of drinking water, just fill the bottle yourself 

We sell water coolers and water filtration bottles to a wide range of customers throughout WA and Australia wide. Our customers are Offices, Home, Schools, Factories, Hospitals, Gym, etc. We have a few models to choose from. Just click on one of the photo's above and you find our our prices, payment options, dimensions. Also you can read more about our filter and our filtered water cooler Perth.

Filtered Water Coolers Perth | Filtration Bottle with a multistage cartridge

Our unique Filtered Water Cooler Perth filters are designed to maximize the purity of the water you are drinking. Natural is healthy!!

The filters also add in essential minerals back to the water to improve better health. Better health with Prestige Water Perth.

By removing all of these unhealthy impurities ( such as chlorine and heavy metals ), you body will be able to filter itself better and you should experience a better health and joy in your life.

New product for fluoride removal from your tap water is our 8-stage filter cartridge. Fluoride in tap water.

You also know that you are providing yourself with the best clean water today. Filtered water is not only more healthier to drink but it will taste better too. You will drink more and results in better health.

For detailed information about our water coolers you can visit our website here: Prestige Water Filtered Water Coolers Perth

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How much water do you have to drink daily from the filtered water coolers Perth

Drinking at least two liters of water a day has always been the recommended amount. However, this is a general recommendation, because the amount of water that you have to drink daily depends on your needs. There are three factors that you should take into account when calculating the right amount of water to drink daily, namely body weight, extra fluid intake and physical activity. The higher your body weight, the more water you have to drink from the filtered water coolers Perth.

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Filtered water cooler Perth

Actually I should drink more water - Useful tips. Drinking water is good for you. Yet people sometimes forget to take a sip of water in between. You can set a good example in your school, canteen, company or organization. You can 'nudge' parents and children in different ways: give a 'push' towards drinking water. You also drink very important minerals from a filtered water cooler Perth. Water with minerals is better than just tap water. The Healthy Weight approach has tips and resources to help with this.

Many of the things we do every day go on autopilot. Our brains make (unconscious) choices based on all kinds of small signals. We do not consciously think about many things, as a result of which the environment has a lot of influence on which choices we make.

By slightly changing the environment, you can encourage people to make healthy choices without restricting their options. Best drinking water comes from a filtered water cooler Perth. A well-known example of this is that foot-step stickers towards the stairs make people take the stairs more often. We call that a "nudge".

Water is a great subject to experiment with. Do you manage to get people to drink water more often with "nudging" and what do you have to do for that?

Make drinking water easy

    Make sure that water is available and easily accessible at the places where people come and / or wait. How many drinks does a child need.
    Make it extra accessible by placing jugs and cups.

Make drinking water attractive

    "Decorate" the water with fresh mint, lemon slices or pieces of fruit
    Make sure the water tap is clean, then filter it through a filtered water cooler Perth.

Remind people to drink water

    Place "Drink water from the tap" stickers at the taps

Lead people to the water

    Place a water droplet towards the water (tap point)
    Assign people where they can get water

Give the right example

    Drink water yourself and put water in your workplace. Install a Floor Standing filtered water cooler Perth in your office. Tips for summer.
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Floor Standing Filtered Water Coolers Perth
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Losing weight with water and lemon: panacea or rock-hard nonsense?. Filtered Water Coolers Perth

If you want to lose weight, you have to do three things: eat less, eat healthier and exercise more. How do you know if you are drinking enough water. Not everyone agrees. If you have to believe countless self-proclaimed health gurus on the Internet, the fight against the kilos is a matter of drinking a lot. Healthy drink water from the filtered water coolers Perth with minerals. The trick is to drop a slice of lemon into a glass of water, drink it and the kilos fly off. Is this really a panacea or tough nonsense?

Some "food experts" on social media are firmly convinced of the efficacy. It would boost the metabolism; remove toxins and you would lose more pounds than you ever thought possible. The truth is that it doesn't work as simply as people think. If you read a little further, an entire book, for example, you'll find out what lemon water really does. It ensures that your water tastes like lemon. Great tasting water from filtered water coolers Perth. Nothing more and nothing less. "It's not going to burn a single gram of fat," said journalist and nutritionist Karen Ansel, author of the book Healing Super foods for Anti-Aging: Stay Younger, Live Longer. What does water for your skin.

If you use lemon water as a substitute for something else, for example a mocha coffee with whipped cream - good for 400 calories - it makes sense that you lose weight. Logically, the weight loss is not the result of drinking lemon water. What is correct is that drinking relatively much water before a meal helps during weight loss. Even in that case, water is not a panacea, it only ensures a full feeling, so you eat less. Lemon itself, however, has no function in losing weight. Healthy drink water from the filtered water coolers Perth.

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If a lemon has no added value if you want to limit your weight, what does it do? Well, lemons do contain a lot of vitamin C, something you have already learned in primary school. And lemon as a "detoxer"? Too bad, is not going to work, the liver already does that.

So if you like the taste of lemon water, go ahead. However, do not expect any miracles from lemon juice. Call us if you need further information about our filtered water coolers Perth. Use the cold water tap from the filtered water coolers Perth. The sour taste of lemon can perhaps be a nice addition to the taste of water or a glass of fresh. It is not more than that, it can even be detrimental to your teeth. "Lemon is acidic and not great for tooth enamel," says Ansel. The citric acid can actually weaken the tooth enamel and only brushing properly within 30 minutes can partially remove the eroding effect.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?