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How many drinks does a child need

Posted by Peter on 30 September 2016
How many drinks does a child need

From the age of 1 year, your child will need about 6 - 7 cups of water each day. That will be about three quarters of a liter. However give children under 4 years not too much milk ( or milk substitutes ). Thus, they will be able to get full and do not like to eat a proper evening meal. Leaves a margin of 25 minutes before food. This is a good margin for adults as well. Tips to drink more water.

What is the best drink for children?

Just as drinking water for adults is water for children the best thirst quencher. Let your child already accustomed at an early age to the taste of water. For variety, you can also give lukewarm ( fruit ) tea without sugar. My sun loves mint tea. Of course it is good to make healthy vegetable or fruit drinks for your child. That is just testing what he or she likes. My own preference is for children to cool drinks with cucumber or fresh fruit. Then they will get inside the fruits and vegetables by drinking water. Do not give too much soda, lemonade and juices, because there are a lot of calories. Leave it as a treat. The risk then exists that your child is getting overweight.

How much water do we give children?

Toddlers take a daily 2.3 glasses of sweet drinks, compared to 1.1 glass of water. That is not the healthiest way. It needs to be the other way around. Having a full glass of water all the time. According to a nationwide sample to drinking behavior among children between 0 and 4 years, commissioned by JOGG ( Youth On Health Weight ). The study was conducted by research Motivaction. Syrup and juice concentrate are the most drunk sweet drinks.

Drinking with a straw

Dental erosion is the degradation of tooth enamel by acidic foods. The increased consumption of soft drinks dental erosion is increasingly common and is starting at a younger age. With acidic foods ingredients are meant, not the taste. Soft drinks in this case is also an acid-containing drink. Dental erosion should not be confused with dental caries. Caries, the "holes" in the teeth, is caused by acid producing bacteria in the mouth when they break down sugar. To avoid problems with teeth it is recommended by dentists to drink sweet drinks beverages through a straw. The research of Dr. Gambon ( PhD at the VU at the University for Dentistry of Amsterdam ) shows that many young children bite the straw while drinking. Of these children more than 80 % will have tooth wear. Hence the recommendation of Gambon is: Place the straw far back in the mouth and do not bike.

Make sure you always have water with your child

Actually I should drink more water. My whole family drinks water when we are on our way. My wife always carries 1 or 2 bottles of filtered water with her drawn from our Prestige Water Cooler. I always drink water all day. If you have young children, bring a handy cup for your child with water that suits his or her age. It is also good to put a cup water close to your child even when they play at home. If your child occasionally takes a sip, his or her body stays hydrated this way.

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