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Filtered water coolers, how and why.

At filtered water coolers Mackay we are specialized in converting your own tap water into healthy great tasting drinking water. 

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This filtration bottle from filtered water coolers and dispenserd Mackay including the 7-stage filter cartridge is on to of the water cooler. It is easy to fill with your own tap water. Simply remove the lid from the bottle and poor in your own tap water. All the water you put in the top compartment of the filtration bottle will be filtered by our filter cartridge. This 7-stage filter cartridge will remove chemicals from tap water such as chlorine, heavy metals, organic sediments and more. Also some very important minerals will be added back to the water. We now also have a 8-stage filter cartridge that will remove fluoride. Read here more: Fluoride in Tap Water. After filtration you will have healthy, good quality and great tasting drinking water for free made from your own tap. If you run out of water, simply refill the bottle again and again. Unlimited drinking water FREE from you own tap. How good is that. You never buy bottled water again and there is no need to fill up your fridge with water bottles. Are you drinking enough? Filtered water coolers Mackay offers outstanding drinking water purifiers and water cooler systems. With a refillable bottle, the filter cartridge is build in. Never you have to buy drinking water again and never run out. All our models offers a cold water tap, a hot water tap (can be room temperature if switched off). We have it all.

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Weight loss tips about nutrition with filtered water coolers and dispensers Mackay

1. Only eat healthy fats

Foods with healthy fats contain numerous healthy substances that our body needs. These foods also ensure that you are previously saturated. Examples of foods with healthy fats are nuts, salmon and avocado. Bottled water, Tap water or Filtered water.

2. Avoid foods with a lot of calories

When you eat foods that are high in calories, chances are that you will get too much in one day. These are often foods that make you crave again after a meal. Products with many calories are junk food, chips or cookies. Nutrition with healthy fats are the exception!

3. After breakfast, only take water or tea

Sometimes it seems that fruit juices or water with added vitamins seem healthy, but the opposite is true. These are often full of calories, which means that you will get more calories than you think. Pure water from the tap or purchased in a pack / bottle is usually the healthiest thing you can drink. Water also contains no calories. Since (green) tea also consists mainly of water, that will also help you lose weight. The best drink from a filtered water cooler Mackay. Cold water drinking.

4. Moderate with alcohol

Water, drink more in hot weather. Red wine is quite healthy in its time, but don't drink too much of it. A lot of sugars are added to alcoholic drinks, while alcohol itself also contains a lot of sugar.

5. Replace meat with fish or chicken

Fish contains fewer bad fats than pork and beef. Filtered water coolers and water dispensers Mackay. Poultry like chicken is lean meat and will therefore help you lose weight.

6. Eat lots of vegetables

Can food influence your sleep. Vegetables contain a lot of moisture and fiber. This gives you a saturated feeling faster. In addition, it is completely healthy and you give your body what it needs. This in turn ensures that you continue to think clearly and therefore remain more motivated to eat healthily.

7. Avoid white food

This means food such as sugar, rice, pasta, bread and other flour products. This diet contains a lot of carbohydrates, or fast sugars. If you do not exercise immediately, these calories will quickly be stored in the body as fat.

8. Switch to normal coffee

Coffee itself contains no calories, but if you often drink cappuccino or espresso, you are more likely to suffer from overweight. These contain many unhealthy additives. Therefore switch to normal or fresh coffee. The old-fashioned filter coffee is actually the healthiest!

9. Breakfast with oatmeal or muesli

A hearty breakfast needs a lot of fiber, proteins and slow carbohydrates. Muesli and especially oatmeal are perfect for this. This will make you feel fuller for the rest of the day. Add some fruit for the taste and you are already provided with a dose of vitamins in the morning. Also drink 1 glass of water from a Prestige Water filtered water cooler Mackay.

10. Avoid processed food as much as possible

This often contains sugar and often only has 1/10 of the original nutritional value. So you eat a lot of empty calories that your body can't use. In addition, processed food is often addictive because of the sugar and fat ratio, so you quickly eat too much.

11. Eat spicy

When your food is spicy or spicy, this will cause your metabolism to accelerate. This will cause your body to burn more fat.

12. Take fruit instead of fruit juice

Fruit juice contains much less fiber than fruit itself. Fiber ensures that you sooner get a saturated feeling. You also get fewer sugars when eating fruit than when drinking fruit juice.

13. Replace sugary snacks with nuts

A snack is usually something that can be grabbed quickly and can go straight into your mouth. Think chocolate, chips or cookies. As you probably already know, these products are full of sugars. Replace this with nuts. These are also ready-to-eat, but sugar-free and contain healthy fats.

14. Green smoothie

A green smoothie is packed with vitamins and minerals. The moisture and the remaining fibers in the smoothie also give you a full feeling. That is why a green smoothie is ideal for drinking before eating, so that you end up with a smaller meal and you get fewer calories. Use water from the filtered water coolers Mackay.

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Warm, warmer, warmest: tips to make the elderly drink enough from the filtered water coolers Mackay in hot weather!

The Warm weather continues in Queensland. It is extremely important for everyone to keep drinking enough (at least 1.7 liters per day). Older people often have difficulty with this for a variety of reasons. The National Help Guide published an article with useful tips to ensure that elderly people continue to drink enough from the filtered water coolers Mackay in this weather. Important, because the effects of dehydration can be fatal (especially in the elderly).

The care providers who use the 24-hour Care Counter support our customers in this and apply the tips where possible. They also offer guidance and support in all daily life operations. Do you want to know more about this? Read more here about support and guidance with all daily life operations.

We all enjoy the warm days to the full. Have a nice time together, go out for a drink with some friends, cycle, walk ... it is all possible now, even after work. Delicious! Great tasting water after the 8-stage filtration from the filtered water coolers Mackay.

For the elderly, this warm period is not always a party. We all know that when the summer temperatures hit, residents of institutions complain quickly and cannot be motivated by much exercise. It is way too hot for their taste. Self-employed elderly people often deal with this in a somewhat 'lighter' way ... But for all elderly people there is one mantra: drink enough!

Enough fluid in your body prevents you from getting into trouble. But the elderly in particular often do not feel like drinking. Every year victims of the heat fall. They are dehydrated and often have low blood pressure ... Sad, every time. But how can you ensure that the residents in Mackay drink enough water from the filtered water coolers?

First of all, the drinks they receive must not be ice cold. Room temperature is the best, because cold drinks give the body the wrong signal. The brain will soon think that your need for fluid is saturated, while that is not the case at all.

Older people apparently have little need for fluid, but they too must certainly consume 1.7 liters of fluid (alcohol does not count ...) per day. Putting down a glass of water and walking on doesn't really help. If possible, sit by the resident and "talk" into the water. Older people often have difficulty drinking because they are in pain, tired or listless. They soon leave everything.

Use colored glasses or cups. Are fruit juices healthy. They stand out much more than transparent ones. If, as an older person, you want to drink something but you cannot "find" your glass, the chance has already passed. Variation in the drinks also works. Tea and apple juice will go down forever. Do something different, and try to get a few residents to drink together. Seeing drinking means drinking, just like food does.

Read also: What happens in your body if you drink soda.

The elderly have a reduced thirst stimulus, so they forget to drink. Moreover, many elderly people are afraid that they will have to go to the toilet extra (hurts too much) or suffer from unwanted urine loss. Also, elderly people who see how busy everyone is busy will not soon ask the staff for a drink. They don't want to be a burden. Very sweet, but bad for themselves.

Dehydration is miserable. Drink plenty of filtered water from the filtered water coolers Mackay. Your blood pressure drops, you can just fall over and if no action is taken on time, it is even fatal. When dehydrated, the skin is no longer elastic, the organs start to work less well and confusion occurs. The heart goes faster, you get sick, you get cold hands and feet and headaches. The brain starts to work less well, because they also want fluid. Eventually someone gets into a coma or shock.

These are the consequences of drinking too little water. All the more reason to keep the elderly 'wet' and to provide them with a minimum of 1.7 liters of fluid. Summer should also be a celebration for them, not a period that is being met with concern. The long summer - that should be drunk! How many liter of water should you drink.

Why the brain in particular needs a lot of fluids

Our brain is made up of almost 80% water. Even a small loss of water quickly becomes noticeable through concentration problems, forgetfulness or headaches and we are less productive. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that our blood becomes "thicker" and so less oxygen can be transported. On the other hand, a lack of water in the brain causes our brain mass to shrink. A little tip: Before taking a pain reliever at the first signs of a headache or migraine, we should first drink ½ to 1 liter of magnesium-rich water - this fills the water tank in the brain again. Drink more from the filtered water coolers Mackay.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?