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About the Filtered Water Coolers Canberra

All our filtered water coolers Canberra are modern and compact designs. Very attractive and stylish and suitable for most environments for home, offices, schools, fitness centers. All our filtered water coolers are fitted with a filtration bottle that contains a 7-stage filter cartridge which improves the taste and water quality by removing chlorine and other chemicals from your tap water. The Prestige Water 7-stage Filtration bottle. The Filtered Water Coolers Canberra are cost effective and environmental friendly products. The 7-stage filtration bottle is filled easy with your own tap water and leaving you with crystal clear and great tasting water. No handling the heavy bottles anymore. No valuable storage space lost and never run out of drinking water anymore, just refill whenever needed. Having a full glass of water all the time.

All the Filtered Water Coolers Canberra can be easily installed at your home or office. There is no plumbing needed, just a power point. That easy. 

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Filtered Water Coolers and Water Dispensers Canberra

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?