The Prestige Water 7-stage Filtration Bottle

Written on the 26 October 2013 by Peter

Water Filtration and Water Coolers from Prestige Water

Protect your family's health and future with a high quality Water Cooler  from Prestige Water:

A good water filter ( 7-stage filter system ) from Prestige Water is the best and maybe one of the most advantaged solution. You can feel safe about the water which you and your family drink. Better health with Prestige Water. The Prestige Water filtration system is the most thorough and cost effective way to purify tap water. This filtration system will pay for itself.


The Prestige Water 7-stage Filtration Bottle:


Filtration BottleThis is the Prestige Water 7-Stage filtration bottle.

This bottle fits on top of:  The Bench Top Water Cooler, The Floorstanding Water Cooler, The Fridge Water Cooler

Benchtop Water Cooler with Filtration Bottle   Benchtop Water Cooler with Filtration Bottle: Benchtop Water Cooler with Filtration Bottle

Floor Standing Water Cooler with Filtration Bottle   Floor Standing Water Cooler with Filtration Bottle: Floor Standing Water Cooler with Filtration Bottle

Exclusive Water Cooler with Filtration Bottle   Exclusive Water Cooler with Filtration Bottle: Exclusive Water Cooler with Filtration Bottle

With the Prestige Water filter you can purify your own tap water. It is a compact filter that filters chlorine, metals, impurities and lime from water.

  • Filterstap water all day and every day
  • Including pre filter for sediment removal
  • Perfect for Home and Office
  • Saves a lot of plastic

Turn tap water into pure drinking water! The Prestige Water filter is a super handy filter that you can easily use for Home and Office. The filter also reduces unpleasant odors such as chlorine. You can easily place the Prestige Water filter on every water cooler.

The Prestige Water filter:

  • filters tap water anytime, anywhere
  • makes tap water cleaner, clearer and softer in taste
  • improves the taste of coffee and tea
  • has a filter element that you can replace in just a few seconds
  • ensures that you no longer have to waste money on disposable bottles
  • reduces a lot of plastic & waste and CO2

Material: BPA-free plastic
Filters: One Prestige Water filter is good for 6 - 12 month of use. Individual filters are available on our website or you can order replacement filters by giving us a call.
Reduce your plastic and carbon footprint with the Prestige Water filter!

Perhaps the nicest side effect is that you no longer have to lug around all those bottles. Now simply walk to the tap from your water cooler and enjoy healthy and great tasing water made from your own tap with minerals.

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