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Benchtop Water Cooler for the Office   Benchtop Water Dispenser for the Office: Benchtop Water Dispenser for the Office

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WOW, this is happening to your body if you drink too little water

Of course we all know that drinking water is healthy and essential for your body. Nevertheless, it sometimes fails to meet our daily recommended amount. But what are the consequences of drinking too little water? Huge. apparently. If you do not feel well, people advise you to just drink more water. This often helps. Improving your health can sometimes be easier than drinking more water. You do not necessarily have to drink an x-number of glasses of water a day. According to experts, it is more about listening to your body. The National Academies of Scienes say: "The vast majority of healthy people adequately measure their daily hydration needs." This is what happens to your body if you do not drink enough water. What does drinking 2 liters of water a day with your body.

1. Dry eyes

Doctor Ryan Parker says: "When you are dehydrated, your eyes produce less tears, so they are no longer properly lubricated, which can lead to dry eye." Dry eyes arise because you do not make enough tears to blink, which in turn causes irritation and poor vision. Try our benchtop water cooler for the office.

2. Tired eyes

Annoying symptoms such as vague vision, headaches and double vision sometimes also occur because your eyes are not hydrated enough. "Drinking plenty of water from your Benchtop Water Cooler for the Office will help flush out salt in the body and properly reduce your eyes to help reduce eye strain." Says Ryan.

3. Cramps

Prevent muscle pain by drinking water. Dehydration ensures that your muscles get cramps. That is exactly the reason why you have to drink so much water during exercise. So keep an eye on it.

4. Cold and the flu

Dehydration weakens your immune system, making you more susceptible to that terrible flu. By drinking enough water you increase your immunity. Great tasting water from a benchtop water cooler for the office. This in turn ensures that your body can repel bacteria. What is so useful if you do not want to lie sick in bed all summer. Great tasting water from your Benchtop Water Cooler for the Office.

5. Dry skin

If you do not get enough fluid, it also means that you will see it on your skin. Your skin, lips and hair are not necessarily more beautiful. Ryan says: "There's a reason for that, that's why, because you have to hydration in order to nourish those bodily areas."

6. Light in your head

Are you slower than normal or do you notice that your thoughts always stray? Then you better wonder how much you have drunk today. Ryan explains: "Just a two percent loss in body weight from water loss can affect cognitive and physical performance. You may start to feel cloudy or not. You might not know the cause, but if you have not been hydrating, then that is a likely culprit. " Water, an essential nutrient.

7. Kidney stones

Yes, lack of water leads to this kind of heavy consequences for your body. Kidney stones develop when your urine leaves salt and minerals in your body, which happens when you drink too little. "If you are not passing enough urine you might not be excreting the waste products that you otherwise would be. This can have a negative effect on the kidneys. Benchtop water cooler for the office. The best solution is to stay hydrated. " The moral of this story is that drinking too little water literally affects your entire body. Bottled water contains less minerals than tap water. Drink water at literally any time of the day you are thirsty. If you find it difficult to drink enough water, there are plenty of tips here.

Benchtop Water Cooler for the Office, Benchtop Water Dispenser for the Office

Drinking enough water is difficult. Therefore try our benchtop water cooler for the office

If we tell you that drinking water is important, then we probably won't tell you anything new! Water, an essential nutrient. The fact is that we speak to many ladies who know very well that drinking water is very important, but in practice they have a hard time drinking enough water every day from your Benchtop Water Cooler for the Office!

Why is water important?

  • More than 70% of your body consists of water
  • Water is found in the body cells
  • Water is between the body cells
  • Water is in the bloodstream
  • Water acts as building material in the above cases. Prevent muscle pain by drinking water.
  • Water is a solvent for nutrients and certain vitamins
  • Water is the means of transport for nutrients and waste
  • Water helps with temperature control; through sweating and exhalation, the body dissipates heat to keep the temperature from rising too high

2 liters of water per day

In short, drinking water is important! But how much then? Can you lose weight by drinking water.
Your food provides approximately 1 liter of water every day. In addition, you want to absorb at least 2 liters of moisture in the form of pure water. But how do you ensure that you drink this 2 liters of water and make it a daily habit?

Water tip!

Drinking plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water. Drinking enough water does not have to be difficult at all. The easiest way is when you make it a routine; for example a glass of water when you get up, for breakfast, for lunch, a glass for dinner and one after, and then for example another glass before you go to bed. Just do it for a while; within a few weeks you are used to it and you do not want anything else!
Drinking lots of water from your Benchtop Water Cooler for the Office is also extra important for people who want to lose weight. When losing weight, the fatty tissue is broken down, at least that is the goal. This releases waste products that are stored in these fatty tissues, sometimes for years. So there are certain acids that arise when fat is broken down. To eliminate these waste products, moisture is needed, a lot of moisture.

Use apps

We often give ladies with whom we work together as a tip to download an app that will remind you that it's time for a glass of water. Super handy, we love that!

Drinking water is a basic condition for health.

It often happens that people do not feel completely fit or well because they do not drink enough water. People think that coffee, tea, soft drinks or alcoholic drinks, for example, can replace normal water. To be healthy it is necessary to drink enough good water.

We can see from our urine if we drink enough water. Our urine should be clear.

Many people simply do not drink enough water.

I remember that there was a period after the war when people thought drinking water was a shame. Drinking water is for the poor. At our house drinking water was not an issue.
Coffee, tea, milk, soft drinks ... that kind of thing was drunk there, not much water.
I remember that children were given bottles of jab to school from parents who had experienced the war; 1 liter Touch orange with a plastic key for example, otherwise you would not get the cap off. Those caps are screwed very much on the Raak bottles.
Well meant those bottles of soda, but for health reasons this makes a big mistake.
Fortunately, people are becoming increasingly aware today that good water is important.

Your body uses a lot of water, .... so drinking water is necessary.

If you get up in the morning then you have quite a bit of water evaporated from your body during the night by breathing. Your mouth and lungs continue to moisten themselves to compensate for the water you exhale; consequence you lose water. What kind of water to drink.

You can see the loss of water due to breathing as the vapor you exhale in the very cold; what you actually see is the water loss from your body. So it is very good to make it a habit to be the first to
so before drinking coffee or tea, drink one or two large glasses of water from the benchtop water cooler for the office. Lemon juice in your water - super healthy.

For me, the first glass of water in the morning is the best water of the day !!
Enough water from your benchtop water cooler for the office helps your body to perform its functions well and thus prevents all kinds of physical complaints. No space - Bench top water cooler.

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