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No space - Bench Top water cooler

Posted by Peter on 23 May 2016
No space - Bench Top water cooler

Benchtop Water Cooler

With Filter Bottle

What to do if you do not have much space, but still want to drink healthy chilled water? Why is water good for you?

There are more and more people who want a smaller water cooler for the kitchen or on your desk. A small and compact water cooler is ideal for some locations. A small table top water cooler ensures that you drink enough water during the day and will keep your body hydrated. Drinking out of a cooler on your table appears much more attractive. Often because you don't drink from the tap. This makes sense because it is not attractive to drink water from a tap that hangs over a dirty sink. Employees here wash their hands or rinsing food residues through. It has been shown that a person is drinking more water with a water cooler. Thus, a healthy glass of cold water replaces the use of soft drinks.

The demand for our Bench Top water cooler in the last 10 years has increased dramatically. It is compact, easy and quick water access, and well appreciated by many users. Smart people drink water. Your body is about 70% water, you may already know. But did you know that your vital organs contain more water? Your brains are the biggest water consumers in our body and they consist of no less than 80% water. So if you want sharp and clear appearance, it is important to drink enough. Good to know that if your brains do not get enough moisture, they are significantly less productive. Not only your memory but also your emotional balance can be influenced. Your emotional balance is also controlled by your brains. So if you want to stay smart and clever, you drink enough water throughout the day. How much water should i drink each day? A minimum of 2 liters to be exact. Are you drinking enough?

Water and your skin. "Hydration" is perhaps the most common term in beauty products. But the most moisturizing product remains WATER. Much is said and written that water is good for your skin.

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