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Cost per liter of drinking water

Posted by Peter on 20 May 2016
Cost per liter of drinking water

We only supply water coolers that filter tap water. Tap water is the cheapest water you can drink. With a water cooler with a refillable water bottle we assure the lowest cost per liter of water.

Filtered tap water, the best quality water

We only supply water cooler that filter your own water from the tap. We choose conscious not to offer water coolers with spring water because they are often unnecessarily expensive and constitute a heavy burden to the environment. Moreover, the quality of filtered tap water is better. For a sip of spring water, we pay like 400 times the price of tap water. That price, however, we do not pay for the water itself. More than 90% of the cost of a bottle of spring water goes to transportation, marketing packaging and profits. Water - Make it safe to drink. A water cooler with filtered tap water is therefore many times cheaper to use.

Tap water meets strict requirements

There are very strict regulations in Australia with reference to tap water. Water from the tap must comply with the Australian quality standards. There are remarkable little regulations on bottled water. Although we all agree that bottled water is safe, it does contain numerous chemicals. Filtered tap water is the cleanest. The Prestige Water filter removes lime, chlorine and other impurities from tap water, often the cause of a distinct flavor to tap water. The Prestige Water 7-stage Filtration Bottle. Our water coolers with the filtration bottle brings you the purest taste of water without the disadvantages of bottled water. Minerals in filtered water.

Filtered tap water taste great

The most common argument for choosing bottled water is the taste. According to most people the taste of bottled water is better than tap water. The problem is that tap water contains chlorine and other by products. This gives the water a nasty taste. However, you do not need to switch to bottled water to get rid of the chlorine taste. A water filtration from us removes chlorine and other contaminants and is much cheaper. Do the test: do you notice the difference between expensive bottled water and water from a water cooler from Prestige Water? Tips to drink more water.

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