Alkaline Water Filter

Drink great tasting water made from your own tap with Alkaline Water Filter

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Alkaline Water Filter

Healthy drinks instead of water. The acidity of substances is measured in pH values. pH stands for 'Potential of Hydrogen', or potential of hydrogen, and is expressed from 1pH as most acidic to a maximum of 14pH as most alkaline or basic. 7pH is neutral.

Alkaline water, Danger of acidification

How many liter of water should you drink. Already in 1931 Dr Otto Heinrich Warburg discovered the cause of cancer and received the Nobel Prize in physiology. In his discovery, he established that cancer cells spread rapidly and developed in an oxygen-depleted, acidified environment. People with diseases like cancer fluctuate at very low physical acidity levels between 4-6pH.

On the other hand, he discovered that cancer can not survive in an oxygen-rich, alkaline environment. That is why it is crucial to prevent acidification and to ensure that our body is returned to a higher pH. Babies are naturally also alkaline!

What causes acidification?

Acid foods and drinks have a huge influence on the acidity of your body. We now know for a long time that junk food, fried food, over-processed foods, sugars and excessive use of alcohol are not good for us. Emotional and physical stress also have an enormous acidifying influence on our body. That is why it is important to be able to relax properly from time to time. But even when we think we can do well by drinking bottled water or tap water, we still acidify our body even more. This is because most bottled water and tap water are acidic. Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar.

All these acids are also piled up in the fatty tissues so that they do not end up in our organs. This causes the body to protect itself against all the acid. People often keep fat down, just because the body is too acidic. Eventually we end up in a completely acidified state, or acidosis.

Alkaline buffers

The blood in our body always has an acidity of 7,365pH. At 7.3pH it contains 65% less oxygen than at 7.4pH and is therefore life-threatening when it fluctuates. That is why your body will ensure that the correct pH of 7.365pH is kept. As the body continues to acidify, it loses its alkaline buffers and extracts the alkaline minerals from bones, hair, nails, teeth and muscles. That is why older people shrink because the minerals are extracted from their bones and tissues by all the acid!
Dense your body with our Prestige Water products

Prestige Water helps to acidify

Lose weight by drinking water. Prestige Water can easily be used to prevent acidification, because your body consists of 70% water, which means that the water you drink has a big impact. Because Prestige Water has an alkaline pH, it brings your body back to a healthy acidity level. This protects you against diseases and ensures that your body can get rid of hazardous waste acids. With Prestige Water you notice that you stay much healthier, although everyone around you suffers from a cold!

As soon as the body can de-acidify, the body also releases the fat where the acids are hidden. That's why many Prestige Water users find that they start losing fat as their bodies are in an alkaline state.

Your alkaline buffers are restored, since Prestige Water is packed with ionic minerals. These are easily absorbed and ensure that your bones, hair, nails, muscles and tissues are protected against acidification. In short, with a Prestige machine in house, you guarantee yourself perfect health and vitality!

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