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TIP: How much should your baby or child drink per day

What does water do in your body? Some children drink very much, others very little. But what is normal and healthy? How much fluid should a baby or child drink at least per day? And what about warm weather?

Babies up to a year

Whether you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding, the number of dirty diapers tells you in the first weeks whether your baby is drinking enough. At the end of the first week, your baby will have four to six full wet diapers per day and two to five puffy diapers. In addition to the number of full diapers, if you bottle-feed, you can see on this feeding schedule whether your baby drinks as much as recommended. Water is a super drink. Drink more water in hot weather.

Do you breastfeed? Then it may be that your child poops a lot less often because the nutrients in breast milk are almost completely absorbed in the body of your baby. With breastfed babies, it is important to watch your baby and your breasts. You can decide whether he has drunk enough from your water dispenser Forbes.

Feeding schedule

Drinking enough and eating later is extremely important for the development of your baby. But how do you know what your baby needs in the first year in terms of nutrition? We have prepared a handy feeding schedule per month for you.
tip. Bottled water, Tap water or filtered water.

Children between 1 and 4 years

Your child has to drink about one litre per day from his first birthday to stay healthy. That's about five glasses a day. Until the age of four, your child needs two cups of milk a day to become big and strong. In addition, your toddler or toddler only needs to drink three glasses of water or other liquid to get the daily recommended litre. If your child does not like regular milk, then you can also choose to give him yogurt or curd cheese. This is not covered by drinking, so that means two extra cups of water or other moisture. For children with cow's milk allergy, soy drinks with added calcium and vitamin B12 are a good alternative.

The Nutrition Center recommends parents have their children drink water instead of lemonade, thick juice or other (soft) drinks. Not only is there a lot of sugar in most other drinks, but your child also gets used to the sweet taste. If you want to give your child something other than water or milk, light tea is a healthy alternative.

Children over 4 years

Infants and all other children weighing more than 20 kilograms must drink as much as adults: between 1.5 and 2 litres of water per day. Naturally, it also applies to these children that they are better able to drink water than soft drinks.
Warm weather: so much extra moisture your child needs.

    The first six months

  • When it's hot, your baby needs to drink extra because he, just like you, loses extra moisture through perspiration. Also, sufficient moisture ensures that the body temperature of your child does not rise too much. If you give your baby bottle-feeding, then you can have your child in addition to the regular diet, occasionally five to ten cc. let water drink from a bottle. This does not seem like much, but more is not wise before your child is six months old. Because the kidneys of young babies have not yet grown, more water can drain too much sodium. This may result in a shortage which is dangerous for the health of your baby. If you are breastfeeding, drink about 700 to 1000 ml yourself. extra one day and put your baby more often. The number of wet diapers on a day, even when it's hot, is a good indication if your child gets enough fluid.
  • 6 months to 1 year
  • If your baby is older than six months, you can add 15 - 20 cc of extra water to each bottle to provide extra moisture. Give yourself breastfeeding, drink more from your water dispenser in Forbes yourself or give your baby water from a bottle if he is used to drinking from it.
  • Toddlers and toddlers
  • From his first birthday, your child needs about one litre of fluid a day, as said. In warm weather, it is good to give some extra cups of water or other moisture. There is no limit to this, but do not overdo it. You can tell by the number of diapers or the colour of the urine if your child is sufficiently hydrated. If the urine is very dark, your child needs more fluid.

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Water from your water dispenser Forbes is good for you

Drinking a nice glass of water is not the first thing you think of in these winter months. Calculate how much water you should drink. Yet it is important to do that a few times a day, even in the winter. Then the air inside and outside is much drier than in the summer. Our skin, lips and eyes are particularly affected by this. By drinking enough water regularly, the moisture balance in your body will stay up to standard. Moreover, drinking water contributes to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight.

Water moments

You can drink water from your water dispenser Forbes at any time of the day. At breakfast, in between, at school or at work, during exercise and at the evening meal. It is not for nothing that we are one of our six healthy habits. 6 Facts about drinking water. Drinking enough water gives more energy and is good for the brain. It prevents dry throat, muscle aches and dry skin. And it is also much better than producing lemonade, fruit juice and thick juice. These contain a lot of sugar. That is bad for the teeth and increases the risk of being overweight. Water is simply the purest drink there is.

Learned young

Getting children to drink water can be a challenge. Especially when they are used to sweet drinks. What helps is at least to set a good example for yourself. When children see that you also drink water, they soon understand that it is normal and that everyone does it. From the age of 6 months, a child can already slowly get used to drinking water. If you want children to drink more water, it is nice that this is always ready at a fixed location. Therefore make it a routine to drink water at certain times. For example, before lunch and after playing outside. Reducing sweet drinks is the best step-by-step approach. Just always add a little more water to get used to a less sweet taste.

Drinking cold water boring?

That is not necessary. Just give cool water a winter touch in this season. For example, add some orange slices, one or two vanilla pods and a cinnamon stick. Let it go for an hour or two and you have a glass of water full of flavor. The combination of pear, pomegranate seeds and cloves is also doing well in winter. With the addition of ingredients you can experiment with children. This makes drinking water fun. Always wash the fruit and herbs before adding them to the water from your water dispenser Forbes.

Tea for children

Is a child not a fan of cold water? Then hot tea is an alternative. Tea is also a healthy drink for children as long as it does not contain caffeine/theine. That is not good for young children. For them, a recommendation of 1 to 2 cups of tea with caffeine/theine per day applies. If the tea is diluted with water or has been made very weak, that may be more. It is better to opt for herbal tea or rooibos tea. There is no theine in it. Children often enjoy the blends with a naturally sweet or fresh sweet taste. Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for you. And that is precisely what we would like to see!

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Alkaline filtered water with minerals from a benchtop or floor standing water dispenser Forbes

Can too many fluids harm the body?

The best sign that you are going to have a glass of water is when you feel thirsty. However, if this sensation is ignored and a lot of water (6-7 litres) is consumed in a short period of time, it can have serious health consequences. Depending on the severity, headaches, tiredness, poor concentration, dizziness and nausea occur. In worse cases, seizures or even coma can occur. The reason for this is that the kidneys can no longer process large amounts of fluid. As a result, the electrolyte balance becomes unbalanced and important minerals are flushed out of the body. This leads to hyponatremia. This means that the salt concentration in the blood decreases extremely. This transports water into the cells and promotes the formation of edema. Such swellings are life-threatening, especially for the brain. The immediate solution is therefore to compensate for the existing salt deficiency.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?