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Why is drinking clean water from your water dispenser Cooma so important for your skin

Did you know that the human body consists of 75% water? By means of sweating, urinating and breathing, you lose a lot of moisture and you can dry out. That is why you have to continually supplement it in order not to dry out. Dehydration can cause many health problems but also skin aging.

Water from the water dispenser Cooma has various functions for our body. It naturally ensures good hydration of the skin, but it also ensures that waste products are removed. It ensures that substances in your body move from A to B as a kind of train. As soon as the water enters your body, the train starts to drive and puts some water off all your organs so that they can function properly. The very last stop is your skin. So you can imagine if that train is not packed every time on time there is nothing left to give to the skin.

How do you get more water in your skin?

Sometimes you hear it and sometimes say I have a 'moisturizing cream' unfortunately the cream can not bring moisture into the skin. Drink great-tasting water from your water dispenser Cooma. That would mean that if we went to bed, we would swell up like a sponge. But we can help the skin to absorb more moisture from the inside. There is a substance in our skin that we call hyaluronic acid. This substance attracts the water from the lower skin layers and transports it up to the upper skin layers. But as you get older, this operation sadly decreases. To give the skin an extra hand there are treatments, but also products and ampoules with hyaluronic acid in them. It is no way to fill the skin but it is pure nutrition. This stimulates the skin to work harder itself. Water with minerals is better than just tap water. Why filter tapwater.

Actually, I should drink more water - Useful tips. Thank you for reading!

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Water is a super drink. Your body consists of more than half water. Drinking enough water is not only healthy, but it also helps you to lose weight faster. How does this actually come about? Below you can read 4 reasons why it is so important to drink enough water from your water dispenser Cooma. Drinking water helps with losing some weight:

  • Water speeds up the metabolism, so you burn more calories every day.
  • Water inhibits your hunger. The feeling of being hungry is often confused with thirst. If you are hungry and you drink 2 glasses of water from your water dispenser Cooma then you often notice that you have no or much less hunger.
  • Water contains no calories and is, therefore, an ideal substitute for soft drinks. This already saves a few hundred-kilo calories per day.
  • Water ensures that your body can get rid of waste. If your body cannot get rid of waste products due to insufficient water consumption, your body can store these waste products in the fatty tissues to protect your vital organs. Namely, if these waste products continue to circulate in the bloodstream, it can damage your organs. To prevent this, your body encapsulates these waste substances in the fat tissues, so that you build up extra fat tissue.

Drink at least 2.5 litres of water every day to ensure that your metabolism is accelerated, that you are less hungry, that you consume fewer calories and that you lose enough waste. What does water do in your body?
Do not drink large amounts of water at once but drink it throughout the day. Because water has no taste, drinking 2.5 litres every day from your water dispenser Cooma can become boring and annoying. With a unique drinking bottle, you can give your water any desired taste. Add makers such as peppermint, cinnamon, thyme and cucumber to the inner part of the bottle, or fruit such as lemon, lime or orange and enjoy the tastiest taste sensations every day. Fatigue is solved by drinking water.

Drinking tip: Alkaline Filtered water from your water dispenser Cooma

Bring the taste into the water glass and grab water to get the daily drink. Juice spritzers, warm tea or homemade iced tea are also suitable for healthy drinking. The water glass can also be varied in taste by adding fresh fruit, such as lemon, grapefruit or berries, and herbs, such as mint or sage, and transforming it into aromatic water.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?