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What to drink in hot weather

This way you stay hydrated

What should you drink with this warm weather? Water naturally, preferably as cold as possible. Or not? What you better and can not pour to prevent dehydration and overheating, plus tips for the tastiest thirst quenchers. Cold soda helps thirst, but make sure you drink enough. A thirsty person prefers to take a cold beer or a cool glass of soda, but why? And is such a cold pulp water the best choice for a warm body?

What does drinking 2 liters of water a day with your body. It is the brain that keeps a close eye on whether our body needs fluid and then provokes a thirst stimulus, explains Ellen de Visser in this episode of the Better / Life section. The thirst disappears as soon as the meters in the brain register that the fluid deficiency has been supplemented with receptors, a kind of antennae in the mouth and throat, playing an important role. Cold has a sharper effect on the receptors, as if they become slightly irritated. The same applies to carbon dioxide. This makes the thirst seem faster. Bottled water contains less minerals than tap water.

But such a cold bubbly drink can also be disadvantageous. Test subjects from an American study drank from cold water with carbon dioxide much less than from water without pricking at room temperature. Remarkably enough, they themselves thought they had eaten more fluid than in reality. In short: if you drink ice-cold water, you run the risk of dehydration because you think that your thirst is quenched faster. Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for you.

Cold water may not be suitable for the moisture balance, but cooling the inside is effective for controlling the body temperature. That is better with shaved ice than with cold water, Australian scientists discovered. After all, we do not swallow shavings, but we warm up in the mouth for a moment and that phase, in which the ice goes from solid to liquid, extracts extra heat from the body. Anyone who manages to get rid of a liter of shaving ice will reduce the body temperature by half a degree.
Keep on drinking coffee - hot or cold

Coffee has a bad name as a thirst quencher, because it would extract moisture from the body. Can you better remove the coffee from your daily morning ritual during a heat wave? No, says Marianne Geleijnse, Professor of Nutrition and Cardiovascular Diseases at Wageningen University. Coffee does not dry out your body. In fact, if you want to drink enough in a day, then starting with a few big cans of coffee is an excellent choice: 'That contributes to a good fluid balance.'

For those who can not tolerate hot drinks with this heat, but would like to get a shot of caffeine, there is iced coffee. What does drinking water really does for your skin. And preferably not the sweet ready-to-eat goods that you buy along the highway, but real, cold COFFEE. You can find the tastiest recipes here.

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