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Drink enough water

Stay in these tropical conditions by drinking and eating in the right way.

Rising temperatures also cause an increasing number of sweat droplets on your forehead. Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs. Make sure you know how to supplement all the lost fluid by adjusting your drinking and eating patterns.

You may think that people who have a water bottle on their lips all day long are doing well. Getting enough moisture is absolutely important on days when the mercury ticks 25 degrees, but drinking too much can be counter-productive. Great tasting water made from your own tap from the Water Coolers Narangba. If you drink large amounts (such as a complete bottle) in one go, your body will feel the fluid drop. To get the level back to normal, it delivers a diuretic or urine-secreting hormone. In the short term, this natural reaction (your half-hour run to the toilet) can turn into overcompensation, which can make you dry out. 'The best thing you can do is take sips regularly', explains sports nutritionist Alexandra Rees. There are so many minerals in the water from the Water Coolers Narangba. If you start to get a lousing feeling in your stomach, you have drunk too much. Evenly drinking small quantities helps to prevent this. Make sure you do not get thirsty because that is a sign of dehydration. Why you must drink water when get up in the morning.

What does water for your skin? But in order to maintain your moisture content, you do not just have to pay attention to what you take in without chewing. Why drinking water is good for your hair. Every day we eat about 20 percent of our fluid intake. You can increase this percentage by eating snacks that mainly consist of water, such as the list below. All are low in calories, so you will not get fat. Healthy water from the Water Coolers Narangba.

Percentage of water in relation to weight

  • Cucumber: 97%
  • Radishes: 95%
  • Watermelon: 91%
  • Raw broccoli: 89%
  • Peaches: 89%
  • Yoghurt: 88%
  • Carrots: 88%
  • Plums: 87%
  • Apples: 86%

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Drinking healthy water from the water coolers in Narangba

Ginger has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is in products such as smoothies, water with a taste and tea. This is because many good properties are attributed to ginger, but is that actually justified?

What does ginger actually do with your body?


A ginger-lemon tea with honey is very good for sore throat, but ginger has more positive effects on the body. Multiple studies see many benefits in the use of ginger, but also some side effects. Bottled water, tap water or filtered water.

Ginger intake can lead to lower blood sugar levels, better cholesterol levels and fewer inflammations. According to studies, anyone who wants to lose weight should use ginger in products. It contributes to better fat burning and your hunger feeling diminishes. Cold water drinking. Great tasting water made from your own tap from the water coolers Narangba.

Studies show that ginger works well against nausea. It is described as an effective and inexpensive treatment against nausea and vomiting and is safe. Ginger also appears to be an effective aid against muscle pain and can prevent menstrual pain. Drinking water helps with losing some weight. Healthy water after filtration from the water coolers Narangba.

Side effects

But despite all these positive effects of ginger, side effects are also known. These side effects mainly occur with high doses of ginger. It can cause diarrhea and cause mouth, eye and skin irritation. It is also not advisable to take ginger for an important conversation, because it could also lead to flatulence. Water coolers Narangba, your water filtration specialist. Water, a super drink.

Alkaline Filtered Water from your Water Cooler Narangba

Tip: There are also water bottles with aroma inserts in shops, in which fruits and fruits can be used. So the flavour waters can be taken with you on the go and cleaning is also simplified by the inserts.


It is important that water is consumed consistently throughout the day. However, the more often you have to remind yourself to drink more. Place specific reminders in your everyday life so as not to forget to drink. You can, for example, set an alarm clock on your cell phone or distribute notes around the apartment. Special apps help with push notifications not to forget to drink water.

Reduce stress

Drink more through less stress. Stress makes us forget our fluid needs more quickly.

Especially during work, stress is one reason why fluid requirements become less important in everyday life. Make sure that stress doesn't rule your day and that you don't lose sight of your fluid needs.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?