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If you want to drink great tasting water without having to pay for it, please consider one of the Gladstone Water Coolers with filtration bottle. You can easily remove the chemicals from your own tap water and convert it into healthy drinking water for the whole Office or Home. Our filtration bottle is easy to fill with normal tap water. All the water will be filtered and purified by our multy stage filter cartridge. Now you never have to buy bottled water again and you never have to drink tap water with all the chemicals in it. You can refill this bottle as often as needed, we only recommend to change the filter cartridge once or twice every year, depending on the usage. One filter change cost $60 and if you buy 2 filters the cost will be $100. This is the only expense you will have to convert tap water into nice drinking water. Better health with Prestige Water.

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Why buy bottled water if you can easily make your own? Even better, the water after our filtration system will have some added minerals for better health and better taste. Minerals are good for you and minerals will have a improvement on your general health. Filtered water vs Bottled Water. Also it is proven that if your drinking water taste nice, you, your family or staff will drink more. Drinking water will stop dehydration and will keep you "fresh" during the whole day. Drinking lots of water

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Drinking in warm weather from the water coolers Gladstone, how many and how often?

During our cycling clinics I regularly get the question what the ideal drink is and how much you should drink during hot summer days? A common issue is; that you are thirsty but that your stomach says no to drink a sip. What is it that makes your stomach rise on a hot summer's day while you are thirsty? Tips to get through the summer COOL.

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Of course everyone knows that drinking enough water from the water coolers Gladstone is important, after all your body consists of 60% moisture, but what exactly should you drink and how many liters per hour? There are various theories about that. I myself have never been the easiest since my stomach / intestinal system often got upset. Becoming wise through damage and shame and that has brought me further. For many, this is really the tip; dare to experiment! Change what you always do in your water bottle and discover what your ideal mix of drinking will be.

Of course it helps if you know that certain tastes are not on your stomach. They are often small changes in, for example, the number of scoops of powder that you add to your water in the bottle. Halving this can help you surprisingly during the effort.


* Your stomach can process around 60 to 80 grams of carbohydrates per hour.

* Taking more carbohydrates does not result in added value, but causes stomach complaints ranging from nausea to pain.

* Drinks with a lot of carbohydrates and / or electrolytes cost the body extra energy to process. The stomach is displeased about this and the fluid flows much slower to the intestines and to your bloodstream than desired. This has to do with the so-called osmolarity. The more carbohydrates and / or electrolytes mixed with water, the harder it is for the stomach to process this.

* In general, drink with more salt reaches the intestines faster and this helps you to improve your fluid balance during a warm bike ride. Drink more water from the water coolers Gladstone. Filtered water or bottled water.


Use on warmer days even more than you're used to, solid foods for carbohydrate intake! In other words, eat carbohydrate-rich food. That can be a yellow / brown banana, dates and figs but also the so-called energy bars.

Use the contents of your water bottle for a good moisture absorption during the hot summer days and not or to a limited extent to supplement carbohydrates! So go for a mix of low carbohydrates and electrolytes. You can think of 1 bottle with salts and electrolytes and 1 bottle with thirst quencher to start. Many just like water during exercise. Keep in mind that this does not contribute to extra fluid intake, it is only a flushing agent that certainly reads your stomach fuller when warm: not pleasant, makes you feel. Is water healthy?


At temperatures> 25 degrees C must drink at least 1 bottle per hour empty. A nice habit is to teach you to take a few large sips every fifteen minutes.
I wish everyone many sunny journeys and keep listening to your body!
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Make fresh ginger tea and drinking water from a water cooler Gladstone

Ginger tea is one of my favorite drinks. It is on my diet every day and I make good use of it. In principle, you can make ginger tea with only ginger root and warm water. I like it better with lemon juice. I drink 1.5 liters of ginger tea with lemon juice every morning. Both ginger and lemon have many health benefits, and it is so simple that people would not expect how healthy it is. When I come to a birthday party, people always ask what I want to drink. Healthy water with added minerals from the water coolers Gladstone. Every time I come up with the same approach, namely: tea. Many people find this astonishing. That's why I regularly hear: why don't you take something else, such as alcohol or soft drinks? Precisely because I am a difficult drinker and know what those drinks do to my body, I do not value that. I have to admit that I sometimes take a red wine, but that is not often. Sometimes you want something different. Every morning after I wake up I start the day with 2 large glasses of water to properly hydrate my body. Use filtered water from the water coolers Gladstone. Then I take a shower and turn on the tea kettle to make my delicious ginger tea.

How do you make fresh ginger tea?

I make my ginger tea with lemon, ginger and water. Both ginger and lemon are ideal for starting the morning. They both have an enormous amount of health benefits.
Ginger is ...

  •     Heating
  •     Helps against morning sickness and morning sickness
  •     Improves blood circulation
  •     Inhibits inflammation
  •     Keep blood sugar in balance
  •     Relieves muscle pain
  •     Fights cold
  •     Provides a fresh breath
  •     Helps against heartburn
  •     Good for migraine
  •     Cleans and calms your intestines
  •     Helps lose weight

Lemon also has many health benefits

  •     Has antibacterial and antiviral properties
  •     Helps with weight loss
  •     Promotes digestion
  •     Detoxifies the liver and cleanses the blood
  •     it contains important substances such as citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, pectin and limonene.

Lemon water healthy and delicious. Lemons clean the entire system, and are therefore ideal as a morning drink. In addition to their wealth of vitamins and minerals, they help to break down toxins in the digestive tract. There are still many health benefits for both ginger and lemon, but I will discuss this in a separate article. If you yourself know more, then leave it in the comments below to help others! I would really appreciate that. auger ginger tea You can make fresh ginger tea in different ways. You can stomp the ginger with a mortar or cut it into pieces. Both ways are good, only with stamping more juices are released which I personally prefer. Fruit water. If your ginger is still a little green on the outside then it has a stronger taste. You can also add more ginger to get more flavor. Someone who drinks ginger tea for the first time often finds the taste quite strong. You have to build it up. So start with a little bit of ginger and add more ginger pieces or ginger juice as you get used to the taste. Taste the difference with the water coolers Gladstone filter. This way you will not dislike ginger tea.

Nowadays you can buy ginger at any supermarket. If you want organic ginger, I recommend you go to Ekoplaza or another health food store.

Make ginger tea

  •     Pack 2-3 cm of ginger root
  •     Cut the ginger into 3 pieces
  •     Put this in a mortar and mash it fine If you don't have a mortar you can buy it here. You can also cut the ginger into small pieces.
  •     Cut a lemon in half and use half of it. You can squeeze the lemon or cut into thin slices.
  •     Bring 1.5 liters of water to the boil.
  •     Put ginger and lemon in the teapot, possibly in the filter to keep everything separate. Your fresh ginger tea is ready to be drunk. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather?
You can drink ginger tea right away. It doesn't have to pull. Tip: the ginger tea is best in the morning, because it removes the morning sickness. It makes you more energetic and alert. Even on holiday you can often order ginger tea. It is drunk in many countries. You can also buy the ginger root everywhere. You can always continue to drink ginger tea. Hot water straight from the water coolers Gladstone. Is water healthy?

Things that change when you drink enough water from an alkaline water cooler Gladstone

Your skin is glowing from within

The bad news: Skin blemishes and the like are not just a question of predisposition. The good news: You can declare war on pimples and cellulite - all by drinking enough! In fact, this simple trick will help and your complexion will shine again without any make-up or blush layer. Because the individual cells of the body carry water, and anyone who suffers from a pale complexion should be happy about the “push-up effect” that the water supply has for the skin cells. (By the way: these foods are surprisingly bad for the skin!)

Why is Filtered Water so Important?