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Written on the 9 December 2013 by Peter

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Drinking Healthy Water | Water Coolers and Water Filters

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Water is one of the most important substances in existence. It is literally a carrier and building block of life. Water constitutes most of our planet, our bodies and our food. All living creatures are made up of mostly water. Everybody knows the rule about drinking between eight and twelve glasses of water every day to stay healthy, (Are you drinking enough?) but not many people know exactly how they will benefit from just water and not other beverages that contain water. Why drinking water will help with greater health. Here is a list of the many benefits of drinking lots of water:

Water plays a major role in weight loss. Because it has no caloric value, no fat, no cholesterol and very little sodium it can help the body burn calories, stimulate the kidneys and reduce the amount of water retention you might have been experiencing.

Water helps to reduce the appetite and metabolize the body's stores of fat.

Water flushes excess sodium out of the body.

Water promotes the elimination of the body's toxins and waste. Water is a vital nutrient.

Water helps to relieve constipation.

Water can help cure lower back pain. The upper body's weight is supported by the water that is stored in the spine. Drinking enough water every day helps the spine hydrated and will often alleviate pain in the back.

Water helps to relieve headaches. Migraines are thought to be caused by "heat stress" and dehydration. Keeping your body hydrated is the best way to prevent headaches, and drinking water after the onset of the headache is a way to help alleviate the pressure and pain of the brain.

Water can calm allergies and asthma. The lungs need to be moist to breathe properly and just the simple act of exhaling can decrease the amount of water in our bodies by one to two pints each day.

Water can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Water helps keep the body's internal organs functioning properly.

Drinking water keeps your skin hydrated and looking healthy and fresh. Your skin and drinking water.

If you drink the proper amount of water every day, you will have more energy than the people who do not drink enough water.

Water keeps the body's temperature regulated.

Water helps the body to digest food.

Water helps an "acidic stomach" feel better. It can even decrease a stomach's acidity which is good for people who might be prone to ulcers.

Water keeps the joints lubricated. The water is stored in the cartilage tissues and then acts as a lubricant while the joint is in motion.

Water is such a common substance; it is easy to forget just how essential it is to the inner workings of just about everything on the planet. Without water there would be no life. It is self renewing and it is what keeps everything working in harmony. There are many benefits of drinking lots of water. Drinking water is one of the easiest ways you can make sure that you staying healthy. Just by drinking enough water every day you can make sure that most common health ailments are prevented.

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