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Why you should start each day with a glass of lemon water

To live a little healthier does not have to be complicated. Is water healthy? Starting the morning with a glass of hot water and half a squeezed lemon, can do wonders for your health and your radiance. Lemon water healthy and delicious.

Start the morning with a glass of (warm) warm water and a slice of lemon or half-squeezed lemon. Although opinions about the effect of lemon water were divided for a long time, it now seems that this mix gives your health a boost. This is what the drink does for you:


  •     Your immune system gets a huge boost. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather?
  •     Afraid that you get flu with all those snotting people around you? Because of all vitamin C in lemon you limit the risk.
  •     It gives you a youthful skin
  •     Lemon contains a lot of antioxidants that combat free radicals, sunlight, air pollution and toxins in your body. Because it gives the composition of collagen a boost, thanks to lemon you will also look fresh and fruity.
  •     It helps you lose weight
  •     Lemon water breaks down certain fat cells in your body (how sea!). It limits cholesterol in the blood and liver and gives your metabolism a firm pendulum.
  •     Your digestive system works better than ever
  •     It is best to drink lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning. The lemon cleans your intestines and the digestive tract while washing away lingering toxins along the way.
  •     It gives you more energy
  •     Do you feel a lot more tired than normal, even if you've taken all your hours at night? Vitamin C gives you more energy because it helps to absorb iron better. And more iron = more energy. Filtered water or Bottled water.
  •     It keeps your brain healthy
  •     Lemon water is rich in potassium. This is an essential mineral for your brain to function properly and keep blood pressure under control.
  •     You get a fresh breath
  •     The anti-microbial properties of lemon water are perfect for refreshing your breath and they prevent gum disease.

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