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How can I learn to drink more water from my water cooler Varsity Lakes

Make it a habit to set off with a drinking bottle with water. Preferably a stainless steel bottle or glass bottle, because plastic can contain harmful substances such as BPA. A smart trick to drink more water is by using large drinking bottles. You automatically drink more or make it a "habit" of: AFTER EVERY PLACE A GLASS

-Start the day with a glass of water. Personally, I drink one or two full glasses of water when they get up, before breakfast. Then you start the day already hydrated. 10 Ways to keep your kidneys healthy. In the night you lose a lot of moisture through sweat and breathing. You will then automatically notice that you have to go to the toilet one hour later, after the toilet visit you were your hands and you take a glass of water, so drinking water is divided over the day.

- Put a can of water on your desk or workplace. Automatically you go drink more than you intended.

- Are fruit juices healthy. Make your water tastier with fruit, vegetables and herbs:

  •     Lime + mint
  •     Apple slices + cinnamon sticks
  •     Lemon slices + mint
  •     Cranberries + lime slices
  •     Lavender
  •     Orange + star anise
  •     Cucumber slices + dill
  •     Grapefruit + rosemary
  •     Mandarin + basil

- Make healthy water ice creams yourself. This way you get more moisture in a cooling way. Tips for summer.

- Provide variation. Do not only drink water, but also tea. You could also think of a vegetable juice. order a bottle of water with bubbles in a restaurant, that is just a little more special. Water from the tap is excellent here in Australia.

- Always drink a glass of water after every cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Most people also need this, which is why many good restaurants already carry a glass of water with an espresso or glass of red wine. Just ask for a glass of water from your water cooler Varsity Lakes.

- Keep track of how much fluid you drink in a day. Chances are you are scared. There are special apps such as to record your water consumption.

- Take an alcohol-free or low alcohol beer. Beverages up to 2% alcohol replenish moisture, above that they extract moisture from the body.

- Eat food that is high in moisture, such as a watermelon, strawberries, oranges, cucumber, celery or tomatoes.

Drinking water in the elderly

Certainly in the elderly you often see that they drink too little water, they do not think about it, find it difficult because they then have to go to the toilet too often, drink a lot of coffee with sugar and something with it, it is precisely this target group that benefits from it. keep on drinking. So you have parents and grandparents see to it that they keep drinking enough water from your water cooler Varsity Lakes(especially in warm weather).

Soft drink as a thirst quencher

If we have insufficient water in our body, thirst starts to play up. This is a very reliable system. What happens in your body if you drink soda. There are people who choose thirsty sugar as a soft drink. These are hyper tonic drinks that extract moisture from the body. It is better to opt for water or tea. In some older people the feeling of thirst is no longer good, they have to be more aware of their water intake.

How much water should you drink?

I always use one liter of water per 30 kilograms of body weight. It depends on many factors. When it's hot or when you exercise a lot, you lose a lot of moisture through sweat and that has to be replenished. Healthy drink water from your water cooler Varsity Lakes. You can also absorb a lot of moisture through solid foods such as fruit. If you eat a lot of soup, then you also need less moisture. If you are small, you also need less moisture. It seems best to learn to listen to your body and to respond to it.

Not how often, but how much

In nature, different animals share the same waters such as ponds and ponds. This is fine, because they all do bulk liquids: they drink enough water until they are completely full and then leave the bank. Our dogs and cats also drink a few times a day until they are full. Scientists suspect that it is better to drink a few times a day, than to sip continuously. They call this intermittent drinking. It seems that our neural and hormonal system is set to this.

Drink when eating

If you drink water from your water cooler Varsity Lakes while eating, the body adjusts the release of enzymes. Liquid parts leave the stomach faster, but the solid parts remain in the stomach for about the same length of time. Liquor has a negative influence on the release of saliva, while beer and wine do not. There are a lot of enzymes in saliva and we need them to be able to break down food. It seems that this process is even better with some water, because enzymes need water to transport.

Lose weight through water?

People who drink a little water before meals are more likely to be full. Drinking more water can increase the metabolism (the burning of energy) for 24 hours, which also causes weight loss. This applies entirely to cold water. Scientists have also investigated what the best water temperature is to rehydrate your body.

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Everything about basic water from your water cooler Varsity Lakes

  • Is water healthy? The body acidifies more and more, with everyone, by eating and by moving.
  • Fruit and vegetables slightly deacidify, everything else (carbohydrates, proteins, sugar) strongly acidifies. Lemon water healthy and delicious. Sour fruits such as lemon therefore also have an acidic effect. Fruit Water.
  • The body uses calcium from bones to deacidify (bone loss, osteoporosis) and that is prevented with basic water / mineral pills. Drink plenty of water from your water cooler Varsity Lakes.
  • The body stores too much acid in crystals (which can also include kidney stones).
  • Gout is a consequence of those crystals, which are foreign to the body, and cause inflammation in the joints. Seen through a microscope, they are very sharp, small needles. They also damage the kidneys in this way.
  • Blood and cells can contain more oxygen if it is not acidic. You can measure the oxygen content of your blood with an oximeter of ten euros.
  • Basic blood is thinner, flows more easily, and releases oxygen more easily and deeper.
  • To prevent acidification you can drink basic water or take mineral tablets. The basic atoms bind with acids and form harmless new compounds. Spring water and water from mountain streams is often basic, sometimes even PH value 10. The PH value is on the bottle. Above 7 it is basic, below that acid. For example, Spa Blue is 6, so slightly acidic. Most soft drinks are very acidic: 3.5. Coke is even 2.5. Gastric juice and hydrochloric acid are 1.5. Try to drink only water from your water cooler Varsity Lakes.
  • Exercise and exercise causes acidification in muscle tissue, but also makes the body more efficient in terms of oxygen in many ways. The net result is that moderate exercise and exercise do not acidify your body.
  • Your skin must be acidic, that is natural and normal: acid protects.
  • Basic water from your water cooler Varsity Lakes acts as an antioxidant because it binds free radicals through the extra electrons.

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