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Drink more water with these simple and tasty upgrades

Water, a super drink. Unscrew your intake of H2O by adding a subtle natural flavor. Cold water drinking.

Do you also drink too little water because you simply find it a very boring drink? Understandable, but not smart. We do not have to tell you that on a daily basis drinking enough water is a must, but with all your love you point out these five good reasons to open the tap a few times extra per day. To ensure that you reach the limit of at least one and a half liters every day, you can easily upgrade this tasteless thirst quencher with these four tips!

By putting some green leaves in your glass or bottle, water gets a nice spicy taste. Add some leaves of mint or basil and leave it in the fridge for a night. The juice of a lemon or lime does very well in combination with the subtle herbal flavor; think of a mojito, but without the sugar and alcohol.
The healing power of herbs   

Drink more water in hot weather. From raspberries to pomegranate seeds and from blueberries to coffee (cappuccino!) - you can process it all into ice cubes. Not only do they give a subtle fruity flavor to a glass of H2O, they also look great. You make them by placing the fruit in the ice cube form, adding water and putting it in the freezer for at least half an hour. The ice cubes give more flavor when you first purée the fruit before mixing it with a little water from your water cooler Strathfield. Another tip: make ice cubes from the leftover wine that you will no longer fill with glass. No water with wine, but wine by the water. Do you understand?
5 brilliant tips to do more with your ice cube shape
Mix the water in your glass with a tiny amount of fresh fruit juice. This way you add flavor and color without the load of sugar.
Does hot water from your water cooler Strathfield with lemon help with weight loss? Lose weight by drinking water.
Let a cinnamon stick soak in a cup of water and mix this concentrate with cold water and ice. The water does not only taste deliciously aromatic, but cinnamon has more healthy benefits: it can lower blood sugar and cholesterol and gives a boost to your resistance.

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You should drink so much water from your water cooler Strathfield during exercise

Regular intensive exercise requires a lot of your body! You lose a lot of sweat and therefore moisture. This moisture must be replenished and that means lots of drinking! Curious how much extra water you should drink during an intensive workout? Read on quick

All my life I have struggled to drink enough (water). With the idea of grabbing a glass of water, I can walk to the kitchen and then come back with a rice cake with peanut butter. Guilty pleasure. Drinking enough water from your water cooler Strathfield is especially important when you exercise. Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water. If you do not drink enough, this will certainly not do your performance any good.

1. Weighing

Get on the scales before and after your workout. Are you lighter? Unfortunately, the difference in weight is not because you immediately lost so much fat. Moisture and drinking water. This is fluid that you have lost during your workout. What does water do in your body.

2. Calculate

Subtract the number of kilos after exercise from the number of kilos before exercise. Add to this the number of liters of water from your water cooler Strathfield. Together this is the total moisture loss during your workout. If you weigh a kilo lighter after exercise and have drunk a 500 ml water bottle during exercise, you will lose 1.5 liters of fluid during your workout.

If your weight after exercise is less than the weight before exercise, then you have drunk too little and you have lost too much fluid during your workout. Are you not lighter after your workout? Well done! Then you have drunk enough!

3. Drinking

Always start your workout well hydrated. Try to drink approximately 150-200 ml of water every 15 minutes during exercise to ensure that your moisture level is maintained. Fill in the water loss as soon as possible after exercise. Multiply the number of liters of fluid lost by 1.5 and drink how many liters in the hours after your workout. Healthy drink water straight from your water cooler Strathfield.

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Drinking water from a nice bottle also makes it a lot easier!

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