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Do I have to drink water for my health

Sufficient intake of MOISTURE provides many benefits in terms of promoting our health and thus also becoming fit and / or staying. Can you lose weight by drinking water. That is not so surprising when you know that our body consists for a large part of moisture, namely for 55 to 75%. For example, our blood, depending on the source, would consist of 83 to 92% water. But also our muscles (75%), the brain (74%) and even our bones are 22% water. So moisture is necessary for our survival. It stimulates the smooth functioning of our bodily functions such as:

  • supporting the digestion of nutrients
  • the removal of waste products from our body (via the kidneys)
  • protect our organs and tissues
  • the 'lubrication' of joints and membranes
  • regulating our body temperature

But what is sufficient drinking?

Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water. As with everything, here too: "exaggeration is never good". Under normal circumstances, you should absorb 0.03 liters of fluid per kilogram of body weight. So for a person of 80kg this amounts to 2.4 liters. You should drink 1.5 to 2 liters per day. It is not that 3 liters of drinking is twice as good for your body. If you absorb too much fluid you pee this out and that is how you excrete many good substances (vitamins and minerals). With more than normal sweating (due to fever, exercise, hereditary predisposition or warm weather) or with diarrhea, you need more fluid.

Where is the difference between drinking and absorbing fluid?

You also absorb moisture by, for example, eating soup and eating solid food with a high water percentage. Moisture and drinking water. Although there is often not too much moisture in the foods we eat. Sometimes the natural water percentage does decrease during cooking or when processing food products into ready-to-use products. There is a lot of water in fresh fruit and vegetables. If you eat enough of this every day, you will get a liter of water so often.

Do I have to drink water?

5 Reasons why drinking water is good for your heart, brain and metabolism. As mentioned above, it is sufficient to absorb moisture. Water is certainly preferable to soft drinks or fruit juices. These often contain so much sugar that you get more thirsty, it is bad for your teeth. The fifth basic rule from the WordFit diet plan does not mean for nothing to limit (refined) sugars! Also the high acidity in soft drinks and juices are not particularly conducive to health. If you prefer to drink your water, with a bag of tea in it, this is also good. The light versions? The sugar has been replaced with artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners give a confusing signal to our brains that there is food (energy) on the way to the stomach. But because the substances do not contain calories, that promised energy never comes! Our brains continue to give off 'hunger signals' until real food has arrived. People who drink 'sugar-free' drinks all day, therefore almost always eat too much! There are no sugars in the water from your water cooler Scarborough.

Important info for when you want to lose weight:

The less water we drink, the more your body will be inclined to hold water for 'later'. Because the cells in our bodies swell through their cherished water supplies, moisture accumulates. In this way we often look bloated, feel like that and weigh more. A water shortage can lead to too much food. This is because the brain does not distinguish between hunger and thirst. So it may happen that you think you are hungry, while your body really only needs water from the water cooler Scarborough . Always drink a large glass of water before you start to eat something. This 'gnawing hunger' often disappears quickly.

Some more tips:

  • Start the day well you can start drinking a glass of water. This will start your metabolism and fill in the fluid that you have lost during the night. You often feel more awake and fresher!
  • The point is that you keep drinking enough water from your water cooler Scarborough throughout the day. Never drink too much water at once and do not drink too quickly. Then the precious fluid flows through your body much too quickly. In the first few days you may visit the toilet more often than usual. Your body is no longer used to being so spoiled with a constant supply of water. You will see that your weight decreases as your body considers all water supplies to be superfluous and it begins to drain away.

A lot of success with getting fit!

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Losing weight: drinking water from your water cooler Scarborough is important

For many people it is difficult to drink a lot of water in one day. Actually I should drink more water. There is indeed no taste to it. People who are overweight who want to lose weight are often used to drinking freshly with a lot of sugar and therefore they find water dirty. Yet it is important to drink water if you want to lose weight.

Water with minerals from your water cooler Scarborough makes you fit

Your body consists of 70% water. Water makes you fit. It is actually a kind of oil that you need to function properly. Water has the following functions:
  • Water contains no calories.
  • Your metabolism works 3% faster, so you burn more fat
  • When you drink water you have less need for other drinks, which often contain calories because of the sugars
  • Water soothes hunger. If you drink two glasses of water before eating, you are less hungry.
  • The more water you drink, the better the waste can be drained into your body

You notice it sometimes when you have drunk a lot of alcohol one evening and you are not as fit the next day. This has a lot to do with your water level.

Amount of water

Drinking water and losing weight. In order to be able to lose weight faster and healthier by drinking water, the intention is to increase the amount of water to 3 to 4 liters per day. If you drink this amount of water, you can lose around 1 kilo per month. That may not seem like much, but you also have to do very little for it, don't you? If you also leave almost all sugary drinks, you will burn even more fat

Make your water tasty

Great tasting water from your own water cooler Scarborough. Lemon water healthy and delicious. You may not like water and therefore find it hard to drink a lot of it. For example, what you can do is to put lemon slices or other fruit in your water for a little more taste. Fruit water.

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