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Making fruit water: 5 delicious combinations

Water! To be honest, I'm really crazy about it anyway. 6 Facts about drinking water. I drink it all day, rather than a cup of tea or a soft drink. So I just really enjoy it! A little while ago I shared all my tips to drink enough water with you. Because although there is no doubt that you have to drink enough, I just get a headache if I do not. So a carafe of water on my work table and that's how I get through the day. But because only water is a bit boring, I still want to make fruit water. Today I share my 5 favorite combinations with you! Especially when the temperatures rise, I keep drinking water. And then I get a little fed up with it ... What I like is to add some flavor makers to my water. Anti-Colds and drinking water. That way it is just a glass of soda for me. And although I do not like prick, I can certainly appreciate a good glass of natural lemonade. What I do in my water often depends a bit on what is left in the fridge. But now I have found a number of combinations to make a delicious carafe of fruit water that just always good! What does drinking water really does for your skin.

Making fruit water: 5 delicious combinations

Mint, lime and orange: the fresh and mild sweetness of the citrus fruit in combination with the spicy mint gives a lot of zest to the fruit water!

Make fruit water

Mint and lime: I do not always have oranges in the house, but the combination of mint and lime also works fine. You almost get the idea that you drink a glass of soda, but without bubbles. Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for you.

Cucumber and lemon: This is classic, and I have this standard in house. If I want to give a small touch to my water, I put cucumber in long strings (make with a cheese slicer or peeler) and lemon slices.

Make fruit water

Strawberry, raspberry, lime and mint: OK, you see, I am a big fan of mint in my water. I also love mint tea, and I also love it in cold water. The beautiful summer fruit gives a sweet taste to my fruit water.

Orange, blueberry and raspberry: Actually this combi originated by chance and this is the favorite of Senna. Last year we made ice cubes, but I also throw these pieces of fruit into a decanter. Deliciously sweet!

You can of course do any fruit, fresh vegetable or herbs that you have in the water. Making fruit water is super easy and you prepare an easy delicious thirst quencher for hot days. Keep your fruit water in the fridge, add some extra ice cubes and let's go for a long sultry summer!

Do you get started with making fruit water yourself?

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