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Stop Sugar - Stop drinking Soda, drink more from the water coolers Proserpine

Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. Almost everybody knows that sugar (refined sugar) is not that healthy. You can get fat and it's not good for your teeth anyway.

Sugar is poison

It is less known that sugar is addictive, you get tired, it can suppress your immune system, cause digestive problems, can contribute to eczema, cause headache, shed your skin, trigger epileptic seizures, work hormonal disorders and self depression can cause. Yes and so I can go on for a while. It is increasingly commonplace that sugar is actually poison. It is also said that if sugar would now be introduced (with the present knowledge) it would probably be banned for health-threatening reasons. Sugar is added to many products today. I try to remove refined sugar as much as possible from my diet. A very good first step for anyone who wants to quit sugar is in any case, stop drinking soda. That cola contains sugar (no less than 6 lints per glass), which also knows most people. But that made Roosvicee contains 5.5, Fristi 5 and Wicky, Dried Fries and Apple Juice 4 lentils per glass is less well known. Lemon water healthy and delicious. The most misleading drinks I like are drinks like Vifit and, for example, Vitamin Water. On both, it says 'I choose conscious' logo but that does not say much. The amount of sugar is not taken into account when awarding this 'quality mark'.

Vifit is a "natural" dairy and is therefore supposedly healthy, but it also contains about 5 clots of sugar per glass. Vitamin Water is a natural mineral water drink without artificial odor, color and flavors. The vitamins do not come from vegetables or fruit but are added and the second ingredient listed on the label is sugar. Actually, it's just plain sugar water. A bottle contains about 7 sugar cubes. Then you think of the light soft drinks, but this is unfortunately not so wise. Commonly used sweeteners are aspartame, sucralose and saccharin. Research has shown that these substances can affect your kidneys, increase the chance of a heart attack, and cause an unstable blood sugar that makes you want to eat something earlier. In addition, aspartame has more than 90 side effects such as headache, lack of concentration, chronic fatigue, bloating and so much more.

What can I drink?

But what can I drink? Drinking water with fruit and spice. The best answer is simple: water from the water coolers Proserpine. Besides very many sugars, with the above-mentioned side effects, it also causes a lot of calories. Positive effects of drinking water are abundant, some I call here: it gives you energy, reduces the risk of heart and vascular disease (with at least 5 glasses per day) and causes the feeling of hunger (which is often confused with thirst !). Your body needs enough water to work well and also get moisture in through other beverages and your food, but drinking water immediately makes moisture absorption a lot easier. In addition, it is also very cheap. When you feel boring, you can add some lemon or orange to the taste. Whatever is very tasty make a can of water with some mint or basil. The water from the water coolers Proserpine takes light over the taste, really deliciously refreshing.

Drink further (green) tea, as an added benefit, it also has a slightly stimulating effect on digestion. Even home-made vegetable juices are a healthy and tasty choice. No soda is used to getting used to it, and it can be as difficult to switch. But at one point you do not want to go anymore, and it's nice to be able to drink something, always easy, anywhere. Fruit water.

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Water in your body: Take care of your fluid balance, Drink plenty of water from the water coolers Proserpine

We have a large amount of water in our body. That amount of water must be kept in order to avoid inconveniences. By replenishing sufficient water in the body, the kidneys are better supported, but people also suffer less from urinary tract infections. Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs.

Water in our body:

Water is very important in our body. We are made up of 55-60% water, slightly less for women than for men. However, the water content does decrease with age. An embryo consists of 80% water, a baby 75%. Another nice fact is that all organs do not contain the same amount of water: The lungs consist of 90% water, the skin 80%, the brain 70%, the bones 20% and the teeth 10%. Why you must drink water when get up in the morning.

The water is in the cells as well as outside. It acts in the cells to keep them viable and between the cells as a means of transport to supply nutrients and nutrients to the cells and to transport waste to skin, lungs and kidneys. Water also helps to regulate body temperature.

Water enters our body through food, this includes both drinking and eating. Drink heaps of filtered tap water from the water coolers Proserpine. Drink plenty of clean water. There are, however, several ways to lose fluid, namely breathing, sweating, through bowel movements and through urine. In our body, our fluid balance is maintained by the kidneys. The excess water is mainly removed through the urine.

The fluid balance can be disturbed by certain situations. The main acute situations are drinking too little from the water coolers Proserpine, with diarrhea, when vomiting, excessive sweating during exercise, on hot days or with a fever. These conditions lead to too little fluid in the body, also known as dehydration. Dehydration or risk of dehydration must be followed seriously in babies and young children, as well as in the elderly, to prevent serious problems.

Sometimes the body can store too much fluid, so excrete too little back. This results in edema or fluid retention. Edema can be serious and is definitely something to discuss with your doctor, as it may indicate an underlying disease. The main characteristics are thick, swollen feet and legs, possibly accompanied by shortness of breath.

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How much fluid do we need to take now?

According to the renewed food triangle, water remains the most important and necessary nutrient. Babies are the exception, they normally do not need any additional water in addition to their feeds, this is gradually being introduced from 6 months. Toddlers should drink an extra 500 ml of water per day, toddlers can use up to 1 liter of water per day. An average person needs 1.5 liters of water daily (including children from the age of 6). In addition, we get 1 liter of moisture from our diet. Fruits, vegetables, potatoes, soup and milk products also contain a lot of moisture. Great tasting water from the water coolers Proserpine.

To check whether you drink enough, you can follow the color and smell of your urine. In optimum conditions, it must be colorless and odorless. Note that medication (eg Furadantine), nutritional supplements (eg Thiamine) and food (eg asparagus) can influence color and odor. A small rule of thumb: YOU MUST DRINK FOR THE THIRST THAT COMES. Thirst is a sign of a disturbed moisture balance, namely a lack of moisture.

Extra water is required on hot days. Mothers who are breastfeeding will have to give their baby more feedings per day. The composition of the food becomes more watery and so it will more quench the baby's thirst. The mommy has to see that she drinks enough water herself! Babies who are bottle-fed may receive small amounts of water in between.

The feeling of thirst develops approximately at the age of 1.5 years. Playing children or children who concentrate on certain 'tasks' do not always think about drinking. The supervisors / parents keep regular drinking moments to prevent the big thirst (this is the start of dehydration).

Older people drink less because of different reasons: they have a reduced thirst and there is less variation in drinks that they (can / may) drink. Sometimes only a limited variation in drinks is possible due to certain diets that must be followed. Swallowing problems can also ensure that people drink less or are offered less water. Moreover, less mobility can cause them to get less water and to go to the toilet less easily. This is especially important in the event of illness and warm weather.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?