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10 Tips to learn to drink more water

Although my diet goes well, I still drink too little water. Good hydration in the summer. According to Amandine it would help me reach my target weight quickly. From today I try to drink a liter and a half a day. It will be difficult, but these ten tips can ensure that I succeed in my assignment. Calculate how much water you should drink per day.

1. Place a large bottle of water - at your fingertips - on your desk and make sure it is empty by the end of the day. Does not it work? Then take them in the car and drink everything as if it were a race.

2. Drink two glasses of water when you stand up, for every meal or snack and before bedtime. You will notice that you are less hungry.

3. Do not pour your water in a glass, but in a measuring cup, you know exactly how much you have already drunk. Eating delicious fruit. Drinking water with fruit and spice.

4. If you fancy a can of coke or fruit juice, first drink two glasses of water. You will notice that you will only drink half the unhealthy soda after that, which is good for your diet.

5. Always put a bottle of water in your handbag when you go somewhere. Note that it is empty before you return home.

6. Set your alarm clock on your mobile so that it goes off every two hours. Make sure you drink two glasses of water at those times.

7. Put an empty glass in places where you come a lot. Think of the kitchen, the living room, ... If you walk into the room, fill the glass with water and drink it empty. This way you can easily get one and a half liters per day.

8. Do not really drink water, put tea (without caffeine) and drink a few cups to hydrate your body.

9. Do not force yourself to drink eight glasses a day. Start at the beginning and be proud if you have drunk half a liter. Build up slowly.

10. Test your urine. If she is dark in color, your body needs more water. If she is clear, then you are doing well.

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