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Tips before you do sports in hot weather

When the summer has started you can often exercise outside. But how can you continue to exercise responsibly in warm weather, when temperatures have risen to tropical values? Because even in Australia it can easily be 35 degrees. Great if you have a day at the beach on the schedule, but exercising with warm can be quite stressful or even dangerous. The most important tip: adjust your training, do not start too quickly and do not lose too much fluid. Lemon water healthy and delicious. But we have more tips. Healthy eating practices.

Start slowly and take it easy

Sports in warm weather is strenuous. Your body produces heat during exercise. It is drained through the circulation through the skin: you start to sweat. In warm weather, the body extras itself to use the total surface of your skin well. As a result, your other organs and muscles receive less blood. Your heart then has to work harder to compensate for this. The heartbeat goes up to continue to pump enough blood and keep your blood pressure up. That is why it is wise to adjust: less and less hard exercise when it is hot. It is also good to start slowly, so that your body can get used to the heat. Adjust your warm-up, for example by keeping it short and staying in the shade.

Drink enough in advance

In hot weather you lose a lot of moisture through sweating. That moisture loss must be supplemented. The best way to start drinking is before you start exercising. So do that before you get thirsty. If you only start drinking at the moment that you are thirsty, a shortage of fluid has already occurred. Do you sport shorter than 45 minutes? Then drinking during the effort is not necessary. Obviously, you must have drunk sufficiently in the hours before the effort.

Do not just drink water

The maxim is about one and a half times as much fluid to drink as you lose sweat. But drinking large amounts of water in a short time is not recommended. The body can not process more than about a liter of water per hour. Moreover, your body also loses salt when sweating. In very hot weather it is therefore wise to use sports drinks to keep the supply of energy, salt and minerals up to standard. Fruit water. Isotonic drinks are best because they are absorbed quickly by the body. Isotonic sports drinks can be recognized by the label 'isotonic' on the label and by the amount of carbohydrates (4-8 g / 100 ml) and sodium (400 mg / 100 ml).

Check your fluid balance

You can easily monitor your fluid balance. Make sure you continue to urinate (at least one and a half liters per day) and view the color of the urine. If your urine is clear, the moisture balance is good. Dark urine is an indication that extra drinking is needed. Another way to control the fluid balance is to weigh yourself before and after a competition or training. Drinking water and losing weight. A weight loss of just 3 percent (two liters of fluid for someone weighing 70 kilos) already reduces performance enormously.

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