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Healthy Eating Practices

Posted by Peter on 12 July 2016
Healthy Eating Practices

Water does not contain any sugar and no calories!

Tips to drink more water. With all sugars around us, a sugar free diet seems impossible that you only can dream do in your dreams. Still, sugar-free food is available and is not impossible. Eat your whole life as you are used to. But now you have decided to eat and drink healthier. You want a healthier live, and that belly may also be off. But very practical... What food and drinks do you buy? Do you have to go to the health food store or can you just go to the supermarket? What should be on your shopping list? Better health with Prestige Water.

Before you go shopping

Make a list and make sure you have already eaten. These opinions you hear often, and it is for a reason. You gonna go shopping on an empty stomach, you will also determine hungry what ends up in your shopping trolley. And if you are hungry, the wrong products will fill up your trolley instead of choosing healthy products. So, have first breakfast or lunch, make your shopping list and then to the supermarket. You not making a shopping so you don't forget anything, but also to ensure that you buy what you have planned: healthy products. Only buy the product on your shopping list, where you have come for, and do not buy the tasty unhealthy products. Before you make your list, it is so convenient to know what are healthy products and for what kind of products you can better not choose. Sometimes you think for example a light-product contains less sugar or less fat, but that does not always mean that it contributes to a healthy diet.

Breakfast items

Get a box of muesli and try to make a quick choice...Impossible! There is so much choice of muesli and other breakfast variations, one claims to be healthier than the other. And to find out which is actually the most healthy, you should read the product details and compare them. It is possible to find the most healthy variant. Do a comparative study and go for what you think is healthy AND tasty. You can bet that your choice will not be the healthiest. Secretly there are some sugar and some products contain little fiber. You also pay for a beautiful box. A healthy breakfast can be much easier and cheaper, take 7-grane mix or oatmeal / flakes. We do not use the normal preparation: no hot milk, no sticky porridge. We go for the blender: a few big tablespoons of oatmeal, a little water, a small handful of unsalted nuts, kiwi, half of a banana or other fruits, a scoop of cottage cheese or yogurt, and possible for the taste an little sweetener and turn on the blender. Now you created a delicious healthy breakfast shake! And cheap too! Water weight loss diets - Do they work?


It is not so crazy to think that if you want to eat healthy that you need to eat a little as possible fat. Yet, this is only half true. Of the saturated and trans fat, you have to try to eat as little as you can. But unsaturated fats, you need to get inside daily. These good fats have important functions in the body and are also at a healthy weight of importance. Saturated fats are found especially in animal products, so eat a limited extent of met, cheese, butter, cooking fats, eggs, milk and milk products. Preferably choose lean varieties:

  • chicken breast (on bread, for baking, or in smoked form)
  • turkey (for bread or to bake)
  • lean red meat
  • do not eat an egg every day
  • skim milk
  • low fat quark
  • fat cheese (do not buy a block, it is expensive and you still have a tendency to eat it within a week)
  • drink more water instead of soft drinks. What does your body do with water?

Healthy good fats

  • fish (about twice a week)
  • eat regular small handful of nuts (certainly no big hands because of the high calories)
  • mix half a tablespoon of olive oil per person through the meal
  • use diet margarine

Avoid trans fats: Deep fried products, baked goods like cookies and pastries, fatty snacks, chips.

Try also a Cold Water Diet

Whole wheat

When it comes to carbohydrates, it is preferable to maintain the most part of complex carbohydrates with enough dietary fiber. That means products that unrefined nutrients and processed. It has a good effect on the digestion, metabolism and elimination. As regards the products, this means:

  • White bread? Choose brown bread, whole wheat, multigrain
  • Cristal sugar? Choose cane sugar. (but preferable no sugar)
  • White rice? Choose brown rice
  • Pastas? Choose the whole grain variety
  • Oatmeal is a good breakfast

But no sauce seasoning

You may have heard that red sauces are healthier than white sauces. Overall, this is also true. Red sauces are often made from vegetables and spices and therefore less fat and calories. White sauces are often bound and usually contain lots of cream and fat. But you may wonder whether you want a sauce at each meal and whether there are other ways to add flavor to your food and that the food does not have enough flavor themselves. A piece of grilled chicken with pepper, rosemary or dill and a little salt has a wonderful flavor of itself. Through the use of herbs, you can often already do a lot with the taste, and is a sauce superfluous. Half a tablespoon of a specific olive oil can also be delicious with rice, such as garlic olive oil.


On diet sodas and especially sweeteners instead of sugar has been talked a lot of. The sweeteners would give your body the same signal as regular sugar. Moreover, there are no sweeteners aspartame. You might want to at least limited the amount or simply drink more fresh. You could drink more tea. Green tea is a source of antioxidants and today available in several flavors. Try also to drink more filtered water. Why is water good for you. Why is water important.

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