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Water Coolers in the Office

Posted by Peter on 7 March 2016
Water Coolers in the Office

Office Water Cooler

With Filter Bottle

A water cooler has gradually become a fixture in the office. Increasingly Prestige Water is therefore approached by business owners to advise which water cooler system is the best for there office. Last year our sales increased dramatically foe office water coolers and we are now the no. 1 supplier Australia wide. The most common cooler is our "Floor Standing".

Our floor standing water cooler has a filtration bottle with a build-in 7-stage filter cartridge. Remove the lid and poor in your own tap water. Now you can enjoy unlimited FREE drinking water free from your own tap. Whether you are looking for a simple, inexpensive filtered water cooler for your office, reception area or staff room, try one of our delicious tasting, self filling water coolers. There is no plumbing required, just a power point. Prestige Water is your water cooler specialist. We provide high quality water coolers at a competitive price. All our models use filtered tap water which guarantees that you pay the lowest cost per liter of drinking water. We also have a Bench Top model and a Stainless Steel model. The stainless steel model dispenses hot-, room temperature-, and cold water and also there is a 20 liter fridge in the bottom of the cooler to store cold drinks or milk for the coffee. How to choose the right water cooler? Need help choosing the right water cooler at your office, contact Peter direct on 0405-176 472

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