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Water with a taste

Healthy drinks instead of water. There is no doubt that water is the healthiest drink you can drink daily. It is essential to drink water daily so that your body stays hydrated and benefits from all health benefits. What happens in your body if you drink soda. Sometimes it's only a bit boring to just drink water and we have something that's a little more flavor. If that's the case, look at this list of delicious types of water with a taste! If you do not want to grab sugar or caffeinated beverages, making vitamin water is a good option. Have you ever heard of this?

Are fruit juices healthy. Vitamin water is usually a homemade drink that is full of vitamins and flavors, and you can enjoy everyday life. Vitamin water is also an excellent option to drink a little more than just water, and at the same time benefit from all the benefits and it has a beneficial effect on your body. These drinks are very easy to make without the use of color or flavors, and contain all the benefits of different types of fruits and herbs.

Water with green tea, mint and lime

This water is great for boosting fat burning, improving digestion, relieving headache, congestion and refreshing your breath. You can drink the beverage when it is very cold to refresh yourself. For even better results, we recommend drinking a glass of an empty stomach and a few glasses throughout the day.

Water with strawberry and kiwi

Strawberry water

Thanks to the refreshing taste, you will definitely be fond of this delicious vitamin water. It provides your body with a lot of vitamins that can make the immune system stronger, improve digestion and cardiovascular health and reduce blood sugar levels.
Water with cucumber, lime and lemon

This drink is great to refresh yourself on those sunny summer days while enjoying the benefits that the citrus and cucumber offer. The properties can help boost your immune system, counteract an abdomen, keep your appetite under control and promote digestion. This drink is especially recommended for people who want to lose weight. Lose weight by drinking water.

Water with lemon, lime and orange

Orange juice

This citrus-based vitamin water has properties that make the immune system more resistant to multiple viruses, bacteria and fungi. It can help prevent colds and flu, to stimulate digestion and to prevent gastric acid. We recommend drinking this beverage at room temperature.
Water with pineapple and sage

This delicious drink is blood purifying, helps the body to purify and stimulates the removal of toxins to protect the body. The drink is deliciously refreshing and you will certainly enjoy the delicious flavor on those hot summer days.
Water with lemon, grapefruit and mint

Water with mint and lemon

The combination of citrus fruits with the mint leaves gives this vitamin water a delicious taste. You can drink more than a gallon a day and as a result you will have a stronger immune system, clean your body and improve your overall health.
Water with melon and watermelon

Melon and watermelon are renowned for their water content, delicious taste and high levels of vitamins that benefit health. This vitamin water is great for preventing moisture retention, boosting fat burning, cleansing your body and keeping your skin hydrated. We recommend this drink for people who want to lose weight or those who have dry skin.
Water with blackberries, lemon and mint


This vitamin water has a powerful antioxidant effect that prevents chronic diseases and stimulates cell regeneration. By consuming this water regularly, your body will remain hydrated, poison removal will be stimulated and you will be well on your way to prevent premature aging.
How do you make vitamin water with a taste?

Vitamin water is very easy to make and you can change the taste daily to make drinking more fun. Remember that your body needs water to stay hydrated and therefore you should drink a good amount of food each day depending on your weight.

    Firstly, choose which fruits and herbs you want to use and were you thorough.
    Then cut the fruit into pieces or slices and put it together with a liter of water and the herbs of your choice in a carafe.
    Leave the water in the fridge for five to six hours, so that it can absorb the color, taste and aroma.
    Then your water is ready to be drunk and take advantage of all the great benefits.

The amount of fruit and herbs you use can be determined depending on the desired intensity of color, taste and aroma. First of all, you can use one or two pieces of fruit and make your drink a bit sweeter by honey.

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