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The importance of drinking water from your water cooler Malvern

The body of a person consists of about 80 percent water. It is therefore not surprising that you have to drink enough water to stay healthy. The processes that take place in your body all need a certain amount of water to work optimally. Generally it is said that you have to drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day from your water cooler Malvern. to be healthy. Calculate how much water you should drink per day. Moreover, there is no better drink of top quality as water. In fact, it is usually the case that the amount of water you drink is determined by habits and not by our thirst. If you are thirsty, it usually indicates that you have not drunk enough water.


Good hydration in the summer. The moment you do not get enough water, or large amounts of fluid leave your body in a short time, you run the risk of drying out. For example, you can dry out by not drinking enough on a hot day, but also if your body is to a large extent affected by burns, you have lost a lot of blood or suffer from severe diarrhea and / or vomiting.

Recovery ability

One of the most important aspects of the body's resilience is filtering the blood, which is mainly done by the kidneys. But this treatment plant can only work if enough water flows through our body to dispose of these waste materials. When the kidneys do not work properly, certain harmful substances are stored in the liver. The liver then ensures that stored fats are converted into usable energy. If the supplies do not work properly, these fats remain stored, which can be a cause of becoming fat and feeling sluggish.

A feeling of thirst

As soon as you notice that you are thirsty, your body already indicates that there is a shortage of water. You also have to take fluid until you get thirsty. You can do that by drinking a certain amount of water at fixed times of a day.


Is water healthy? A glass of cool and pure water can bring a lot of pleasure, especially on a hot day. Yet many people claim to be unable to drink water because there is no, or little, taste. To give water some flavor, add some sprigs of mint, a slice of lemon or some slices of cucumber. That way you get a healthy water drink that still contains few calories. Do not add sweet syrups to the water you want to drink. In most syrups is a lot of sugar that your blood sugar level in a short time can peak. In addition, you get a lot of empty calories that you have to burn again in one way or another in order not to arrive unnecessarily. Healthy drink water made from your own tap from a water cooler Malvern.

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With this formula you calculate how many glasses of water from your water cooler Malvern you have to drink per day

Especially with the heat it is very important that we drink enough water. But what is enough?

Water, a super drink. Prestige Water advises adults to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day. But the Mayo Clinic, an American academic medical center, advises women to drink at least 2.2 liters of water from their water cooler Malvern (9 glasses) and advises men to take even 3 liters (about 13 glasses). The clinic has also devised a formula that calculates more accurately how much fluid you need per day. Drinking water helps with losing some weight.


According to the experts, your weight also has a lot to do with how much water from your water cooler Malvern you have to drink. That is why they use the following calculation: your weight divided by thirty is the number of liters of water that you must drink. So, for example, do you weigh 73 kilos? Then you should drink according to the formula 73: 30 = 2.4 liters of water (9 to 10 long drink glasses with a capacity of 250 milliliters). 56 pounds? Then 1.8 liters (7 glasses). 91 pounds? Then at least 3 liters (12 glasses). Cold water drinking.


Bottled water, tap water or filtered water. Also with this formula are reservations, because how much water you have to drink in a day naturally also depends on how much physical effort you perform and what you eat. So keep it on average but at the minimum 1.5 to 2 liters that the Nutrition Center recommends - then you're in the right place anyway.

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