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Honey-Lemon water: Effective remedy

Is water healthy? A warm cup of honey-lemon water is both delicious and soothing. It is also touted as a healing drink in the health and wellness world. It is also claimed that it can contribute to fat breakdown and that it can improve acne and 'flush' toxins from the body. Both honey and lemons are incredibly healthy, so some people wonder whether the combination is so healthy. This article examines what evidence there is for the health of honey-lemon water. Filtered water or bottled water.

Two powerful and natural ingredients

Both honey and lemons are often used by many people to bring food and drinks to taste. Honey is a thick, sweet liquid produced by honey bees and some similar insects, but honey bees are best known. Often it is used as a natural alternative to refined sugar and it also has some therapeutic functions, such as in the treatment of wounds and burns of the skin. Lemons are citrus fruits that are mainly used for their sour juice. The pulp and the grater can also be used. The biggest advantage of lemon for health is the high content of vitamin C and other plant substances. Many people think that combining these two ingredients in a drink can help with a long list of common ailments, such as digestive problems, acne and weight gain. But although honey and lemons are useful and good for health, not all claims about honey-lemon water are scientifically proven. Drink heaps of water from your Water Cooler Fortitude Valley.

    In short: Honey and lemon are popular ingredients with a few health benefits. However, not all health claims are supported by scientific evidence.

Scientifically proven health benefits of honey

Honey is one of the oldest foods in the world. For thousands of years, even in the stone age, it is used as food and medicine. Often it is used as a natural substitute for refined sugar for baking, cooking and in drinks, and in addition it is used medically. Ad honey to the water from your Water Cooler Fortitude Valley. There are a few scientifically proven links between honey and health, but it is important to note that most of them are about the raw, unfiltered type. This is because unfiltered quality honey contains more beneficial substances than processed, filtered honey.

Honey can work healing in (fire) wounds

Cold or hot drinks in warm weather. Honey has been used on the skin for a long time, in the treatment of wounds and burns. There is evidence that the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used honey in skin diseases (4). Many studies have shown that honey has powerful healing properties when applied to the skin. It indeed has a healing effect on all kinds of wounds, including burns. A review study of 26 studies involving more than 3,000 people showed that honey was more effective as a burn agent in second-degree burns than conventional treatments. Honey could even be an effective treatment for diabetic foot ulcers. These are open wounds that are a common complication in poor blood sugar management. Several studies have shown that honey speeds up the healing process in this kind of wounds. It is thought that the healing properties of honey come from the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds in it. According to several studies, honey would even offer protection against more than 60 different types of bacteria. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Fortitude Valley.

Honey can suppress the cough in children

Honey is a popular remedy for cough and cold, especially for children. Children and drinking water. Not only is it nice to add tea or other drinks, the effect of it as a cough syrup for children is also scientifically proven. It is sometimes difficult to convince a child to take a bite of unappetable cover and then honey is a tasty tasting alternative. Several studies show that honey in sick children can reduce coughing and improve sleep quality. One study found that a dose of honey fights coughing more effectively than a cough medication and that it improves sleep in children and teenagers with infections of the upper respiratory tract. Another study found that honey reduced both the severity of coughing and its frequency in young children with respiratory tract infections. Although honey can therefore be an effective and natural option for the treatment of coughing in children, you should never give it to children under the age of one year because of the risk of botulism.

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