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Children and drinking water

Posted by Peter on 28 July 2016
Children and drinking water

In beverages, there is so much choice. But the basis is simple: Water is the best thirst quenched. Is water healthy? Filtered drinking water from Prestige Water. Juice, concentrated juice, lemonade and soda you better avoid. Milk does your toddler or preschool student need every day, about 2 cups is enough. Your child needs to drink every day approximately 1 liter of water and 2 cups of milk. What are suitable drinks other than milk? Also look how much sugar there are in the different types of drinks.

Water and light tea, the best thirst quencher

Water contains no calories and has a neutral taste, so your baby does not get used to the sweet taste. A cup of tea diluted with water is a good alternative. Two tips of your child to enjoy drinking water:

  1. Make the water special. Serve it in a glass with mint leaves and a slice of lemon. Lemon water healthy and delicious. You can also pour water into a beautiful bowl and garnish with a slice of orange, cucumber, a nice straw or flowery parasol. But because the acids from fruits are not good for the teeth of your child, don't offer this all too often. Fruit Water. A few pieces of fruit is enough. Give a cup of light tea a special flavor. You can make it fun by giving it a nice pot or make a tea party.
  2. If your child is accustomed to sweet drinks and you want them to drink water, let your child slowly get used to a less sweet taste. Dilute a juice or syrup with more and more water. Give it some time and keep trying.

Juice, concentrated juice, lemonade and soft drinks, do not serve

As you probably know, soda and juices are high in sugar. Approx. 4 teas pones of sugar per glass. Also, syrups and juice concentrate are very sweet. In diet soda you find less sugar, but still ensures that your child get used to the sweet taste. In addition, the acid in (light) soda erodes the tooth enamel. Fun facts of water for kids. Young children do not have space for drinks only to provide calories. And for fruits, it's also very healthy.

Check labels! The packaging of juice, concentrated juice, lemonade and soft drinks you find all kind of information. Think of "no added sugar", "natural", "pure juice" or "extra vitamin C". Be critical, because these terms say nothing about the number of calories contained in a beverage. And extra vitamins (except vitamin D from a supplement) does not require your child if he eats healthy. Most labels tells you how many calories there are per 100 milliliters.Do you buy bottled flavored water in the supermarket? Look for "acids" on the ingredients list of the packaging. It is better to avoid these drinks, the acids can damage teeth.

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