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Drinking water and losing weight. A golden combination

Yes! The importance of drinking water during weight loss is very high. Cold water drinking. Water ensures that your body excrete waste substances during the degradation of fat. It has always been hammered on the fact that everyone has to drink enough water. More than 2 liters of water is generally advised, but the right amount can be determined on the basis of your body weight. You calculate the number of liters of water you need by multiplying your body weight by 30 ml. Drink plenty of water from your Water Cooler Ferny Grove.

No coke, but water! Do you actually drink enough?

Following the minimum intake of water is often different in practice. We do not keep track of whether or not we drink enough water. In addition, water is all too often replaced by unhealthy soft drinks, or coffee and tea with sugar. Read also here for which reasons you want to drink more water. Mind you, water is not just water. The quality of water varies very strongly per region and per brand. Drinking water and losing weight is a golden combination, but the quality of water is very important here.

Effective weight loss? Consume good quality water!

The quality of water depends on how many electrolytes the water contains. The more electrolytes in the water, the less capacity the water has to pick up the waste materials and discharge them from the body. And the less the breakdown of fat is stimulated. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Ferny Grove.

Did you know? The water from the tap in Australia is not as clean as it used to be.

The water from the tap contains a lot more electrolytes and this varies greatly in Australia. Drink more water in hot weather. It often happens that in large cities around 700 to 800 electrolytes are in the water. Then it is no longer possible to dispose of waste products and it is very stressful for the body. And you do not want that! Many people are not aware of this while they want to drink water and lose weight in a healthy way!

Water from the tap or?

Bottled water, Tap water or Filtered water. But when is good quality water? You have reasonably clean water around 250 electrolytes. But the fewer electrolytes, the better the body can dispose of the waste. During weight loss it is advised to drink a lot of clean water. Check the water from the tap for the quantity of electrolytes on the basis of an electrolyte meter / conductivity meter (Hanna DITS 3). Do you have a lot of electrolytes in your tap water? Then choose a water purification system in the kitchen cupboard under your tap or buy water in the store. Mind you, not every brand of water contains very few electrolytes. Prestige Water has researched various source waters. This has shown that Prestige Water is the best water for removing waste from your body. So drink plenty of water from your Water Cooler Ferny Grove. Water drinking and your eyes. This does not mean that other spring water is bad, but during weight loss and especially in the detoxification phase it is important to drink water with as little electrolytes as possible.

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