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Drinking Water Smart with Prestige Water

Drinking water from a water dispenser is an advice we often hear. Water Cooler with or without filtration. Drinking water is an advice we often hear. Certainly during sports and on hot summer days. Insufficient drinking generally has a terrible effect. A few handy tips to keep your moisture easy.

It is good to drink enough water, because our body can not function properly without moisture. We get a headache of it, get sick and feel weak. In addition, you can get stiff muscles, a faster heart rate and lower blood pressure. In extreme cases of dehydration you can even get into shock. Annoying consequences we can prevent. The solution is not drinking when you get thirsty because your body is already drying out. So avoid getting thirsty. Drinking water from your Water Cooler Emerald also helps to lose weight and you'll see younger when drinking enough water. Also, your skin becomes healthier and you get sick less quickly. Truth about drinking water.

In general, a woman needs more effort to keep her moisture up, the female body is 52 percent out of moisture, compared to 63 percent of the male body. Your body loses in all kinds of ways, even through breathing. If you lose weight naturally, by sweating on average more moisture, the same goes for a hot summer day. Although we also get moisture through food, this is not enough to keep us healthy. Great (water) so drink more from your Water Cooler Emerald! An average adult needs an average of 1.5 to 2 liters a day of drinking fluid, with drinking water of course the healthiest way to keep the moisture up.


There are some fun apps that help you with the daily recommended intake of moisture. For example, Aqualert is a souvenir for drinking water. The app helps you maintain a good balance of water based on drinking reminders and determines how much you should drink based on your gender, weight and activity level. Calculate how much water you should drink. You fill in your water intake yourself and after wards you see in a graphical view how far you are. The My Water Balance app works very well with the Apple Watch. You can calculate your daily water intake, indicate what type of drink you drank and its size. This app also sends your memories, and also gives tips.

Water bottles

You have enough water to drink if you have a good water bottle. This way you always have a moisture with you and you do not have to walk to a tap all the time to give a glass of water. The Hydranome is a very handy water bottle, because at the counter on this bottle you can see at a glance how much water you have drunk. An ideal memory support and a coach for drinking enough water. In addition, you can download an app at Hydranome, which reminds you to take a sip. A Dopper bottle is also worth purchasing, which also helps you actively reduce the use of plastic waste. When buying a water bottle you do the same, 5 percent of sales are going to the Plastic Soup Foundation, which is committed to plastic pollution. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Emerald.


If you find water boring, you can also buy a Bobble water bottle. This is a filter that adds a taste to your water. Think of fresh raspberries, mint, lemon, orange, cucumber or ginger. Combining can also, some tasty recipes can be found here. Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for you. Nice tip: make an extra refreshing effect of ice cream with a piece of fruit. Great for a hot summer day!

Why is Filtered Water so Important?