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10 Reasons to drink more water

Do you ever visit this blog more often? Then you have probably already seen that I regularly emphasize the importance of drinking enough water. Your body really needs water to function optimally. Why filter tapwater. After all, it is the fuel for countless body processes. But water is very important in the transition. Today I give you 10 reasons to drink more water. Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach.

Your body consists of about 2/3 of water. If you fail to take in sufficient fluids, this can bring a whole range of health problems. Just think of dark urine, accelerated heartbeat, low blood pressure, .... But it even has an effect on your menopausal symptoms!

10 reasons to drink more water

1. Your joints: dehydration can cause inflammation of the joints and in this way hurts.

2. Your skin: in the transition you get to deal with a drier skin. This is due to the reduced estrogen production. If you are dehydrated on top of that, your skin will become completely dehydrated. Think: wrinkles, scaly skin, ... Not what you want! Your skin may even start itching due to dehydration.

3. Your mood: if you drink too little, you may experience mood swings, anxiety and panic attacks, stress and palpitations. And in the transition you already run an increased risk of this kind of complaints.

4. Your memory: dehydration has a negative effect on your memory function. So you suffer more from forgetfulness and brain fog.

5. Headache: headache is a well-known and common symptom of dehydration. A drastic decrease in estrogen and progesterone levels during menopause can also lead to headaches and migraine, especially around the period of menstruation.

drink more water during the transition - headache. Does it make sense to drink water after eating fruit.

6. Constipation: one of the best reasons to drink more water during the transition is to prevent constipation and bloating. After all, your digestion falls silent when the level of moisture in your body is not high enough.

7. Hot flushes: dehydration has an effect on your nervous system. As a result, you may suffer more from hot flashes. You also need to drink a lot more if you regularly suffer from hot flashes. Because of the sweating, you lose a lot of moisture and that has to be replenished in the form of water. If you do not, you become even more dehydrated and end up in a vicious circle. 5 Helpful tips with losing weight by drinking water.

8. Fatigue: if you drink too little, you have less energy. This makes you feel extra tired. And that while you already experience a lot of fatigue during the transition.

9. Bladder problems: by dehydration, your bladder becomes irritated. This can cause a variety of bladder problems, including bladder infections. Many women in the transition, however, just do not want to drink too much because they fear that they have to go to the toilet more often. Yet you still have to drink one and a half to two liters of water a day!

10. Palpitations at night: do you often suffer from palpitations at night? Then you should certainly drink enough. Dehydration provokes this even more.

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