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Why is drinking water important during exercise

Why is hydration important?

5 Reasons why drinking water is good for your heart, brain and metabolism. During sports you lose sweat: Sweat consists for a large part of water and salt. It is therefore important that you complement both while exercising to keep the body in balance. The amount of sweat depends on many factors. For example, air humidity, temperature and the intensity of the effort play a role in sweat production. If you lose too much fluid during exercise, the performance will decrease. At a loss of 2% of the body weight (and this is already quite fast), the performance reduced by as much as 10-20%. In addition, a low moisture content has a bad influence on the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. In addition, water plays an essential role in the supply of energy and the removal of waste products to the muscles. Less water in the bloodstream therefore also means a reduced supply of energy and an accumulation of waste products in the muscles. What does water do in your body. So drink plenty of filtered water from a Water Cooler Brookwater.

But how much should you drink from a Water Cooler Brookwater during the training / competition? Fatigue solved by drinking water. That depends on how much you sweat. If the moisture loss remains within 1%, this will hardly affect the performance. Starting from normal weather conditions and a normal training session, you lose about 750-1000 ml per hour. It is recommended to distribute the drink intake well during the activity. So try to drink something every 15 minutes. It takes about 30 minutes before the water is absorbed into the blood.

For activities that last less than 1 hour, only drinking water is sufficient. For activities longer than 1 hour, other drinks are recommended. Sports drinks contain carbohydrates that provide you with energy. In addition, carbohydrates ensure that water is absorbed faster in the blood. Research at the University of Texas shows that the performance increases by 6% if you constantly drink water while cycling. By drinking a sports drink, performance even improves by 12%. Always drink enough water from your Water Cooler Brookwater!!

Tip: If you are curious how much fluid you are lost on the way: Weigh yourself before and after the effort. You can assume that all the weight you have lost due to moisture loss. Water, a super drink.

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?