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Why drinking water is good for your hair

Posted by Peter on 14 November 2016
Why drinking water is good for your hair

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Water and hair have a complicated relationship. Some of us natives think that water is an enemy but nothing is less true. Water is the core of healthy hair and contributes to the health of our hair. when and where is water good for and when can you better avoid it?


Each hair type reacts differently to water and which is dependent on the porosity of the hair. Many of us fall somewhere between low and high porosity. Porosity is determined by the amount of moisture that can be absorbed. You can see it on the outer layer of the hair. It is divided into low, medium and high. In smooth hair with a flat, closed cuticle response to moisture very stable. The moisture goes in but it comes out again. Porous hair, by genetics or damage caused by chemicals, heat or manipulation, can be identified by the open ends. It has trouble retaining moisture in the hair. The cuticle is open so that the water can freely go in and out of the hair, and that causes dry and brittle hair. For curlies it is of great importance in order to keep the hair moist when the air is dry.

Water as a refresher

Water and steam can be a good refresher and styler. You can reap the benefits by going in the shower with a douche cap. The steam softens the hair so that it is bendable and changes shape. This is a great way to refresh your curls by a tail or sleeping out of shape. Steam works very well as a styler for curlies with less porous hair because it does not absorb too much moisture. If your hair is porous, you can use the steam to refresh and reshape your hair. Be care full you do not exaggerate in your styling routine and avoid areas of the hair that tends to frizz. You do not want hair absorbs too much moisture. Steam can be a great tool for those with big hair like curly fro.

Water as a treatment

The "moisture" in any moisturizer is water! The additional ingredients are added to these products as a means to supply the water, to add or to add color and texture to products as odor. But what they really are trying to provide is water! If you are the lucky owner of a hair steamer you can use it to give your hair a deep conditioning treatment. The conditioner draws so well in the hair making it soft touch and again radiates health. Also drinking of nice filtered water is healthy, not only for your hair but for your whole body. What kind of water to drink. Tips to drink more water.

When to avoid water

Avoid frequent washing with shampoo for your hair strips and remove the natural oils from your hair. The natural oils that your scalp produces are needed to maintain the moisture content. They keep her balanced and healthy, especially if your hair is porous.

Water and the weather

Each season is different and we have to adapt to it unfortunately. Cold, dry seasons may require its needs us more moisture. That moisture can we add by example, by using extra moisturizing products to prevent brittle hair. Hot, humid months may require more gel stylists to define your curls and reduce frizz. Be careful with wet hair in the winter. Frozen hair is prone to breakage. Your skin and drinking water.

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