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Great tasting water made from your own tap with Prestige Water Cooler Brassall

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Drink enough water

Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water. Drinking water from a Water Cooler Brassall is important, which is now old news. Can you lose weight by drinking water. But why is drinking water essential for effective meeting and what is the effect of (un) sufficient drinking water on the work in daily practice?

The importance of drinking water from a Water Cooler Brassall is often underestimated and partly exchanged for a variety of energy, soft drinks and fruit juices. While the clock strikes 4 o'clock and people are massively prepared for the well-known midday dip, the concentration problems develop easily in the meantime due to a shortage of water in our bodies. The coffee machines flow richly and we seem to focus only on a good caffeine boost. In parentheses; to subsequently involve us in a new midday dip less than 1.5 hours later. Prevent muscle pain by drinking water.

Moisture deficit in effective meetings?

Studies have repeatedly shown the importance of drinking enough water. A moisture shortage can reduce the concentration capacity by 25%. And that a low level of concentration does not contribute to good performance, that speaks for itself. During long meetings, the productivity and effectiveness of the meeting appears to decrease sharply in the absence of sufficient water.

In addition, avoid fatigue, poor blood circulation, high blood pressure, headaches, poor resistance and stress, by regularly providing yourself with a nice cold glass of water. Moisture and drinking water. Are you already convinced? And do you already feel like a big glass of water? Remember that one glass will not be enough. Multiply your body weight by 0.44 and divide by 10. Voilà! This is a guideline of the number of liters of water from a Water Cooler Brassall that you should receive in a day.
And? Do you drink enough water?

At Prestige Water we wish to contribute to the work performance of all our guests by, among other things, facilitating sufficient water. Fresh water and fresh water from a Water Cooler Brassall are in each room. We have delicious refreshing flavored water in various variations. Something for everyone!

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