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Great tasting water made from your own tap with Prestige Water Cooler Bowen Hills

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Water: freshens up, quenches thirst and is so good for you

Already heard of 'infused water'? Good hydration in the summer. The trend to give water flavor with fruit and herbs. The trend comes from the US and is rapidly gaining ground. Also in Australia. Big brands like Spa give their water fruit flavors. To keep it responsible I prefer to get started! It is not only beautiful to see, but also good and especially: drinking water is not that boring anymore!

Nice flavor combinations for your infused water from a Water Cooler Bowen Hills (water with fruit and herbs). Fruit, herbs and other seasonings enough. Experiment with these combinations in your water:

Fruit is healthy, drink infused water with fruit Fruit with water from a Water Cooler Bowen Hills, raspberry in water, healthy water. Calculate how much water you should drink per day.

Water with fruits and vegetables in water is healthy

  •     Grapefruit with rosemary
  •     Cucumber with thyme and mint
  •     Pineapple and mint
  •     Watermelon, red currants and mint
  •     Cucumber and mint
  •     Lemon and mint
  •     Blue berries and lavender
  •     Raspberries, rose petals and vanilla
  •     Blackberries and lemon balm

    Take a look at your fruit basket or fridge: the delicious smells and colors of the summer, you do not need more! Tips to get through the summer COOL.

Hmmmm ... just by writing this down, I already feel like it. Today I am going for the combination of peach and mint! At sultry temperatures, you can also freeze fruit, and use it as an ice cube. For example, in Seu d'Urgell, near the sources of Pineo in Catalonia, I drunk a water with a frozen slice of lemon, the skin slightly jagged for extra taste. Was that fresh and delicious at 35 ° C! Why should you drink water when you want to lose weight? Lose more weight by drinking heaps of water from a Water Cooler Bowen Hills.

Prestige Water mineral water
Choose your water carefully: I choose Pineo and on the way the Eco-respect bottle

Water is our life elixir. The basis is therefore important in the preparation of infused water. My go-to water is always Prestige water. This is self-springing and natural mineral water, straight from the Spanish Pyrenees. Without additions. Just pure nature. Right from the source in his glass (design) bottle. What else?

I always take my water on the road in the Amanprana Eco-respekt bottle: convenient, environmentally friendly and hygienic. You can see this beautiful bottle (also with a cover) in the top picture of this article.

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