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Drink water, work better - 3 Healthy tips

Water is healthy for you. We probably all know that. But how much water is really good? What happens when you get insufficient? And what about the coffee myth? Includes 3 tips to easily drink more water from a Water Cooler Bodalla at your work.

Water-healthy fortunately, we live in a country where water is habitual. We have (more than) plenty of that, that's for sure. Enough drinking, however, remains a challenge, certainly at work. A glass of water inward is not on top of your task list, and you can quickly catch up with it when you are busy. Sin, because actually drinking water should be on top of that list today. And stay standing. Great tasting water made from your own tap from a Water Cooler Bodalla. Know why? Read all about:
Tip: Always hurry and stress? Follow our 1 day course time management! Knowing more?

- What is so good about water;

- What happens when you dry out (and that happens as fast!);

- what's up with coffee and tea;

- why you should drink more water during your work;

- and how to handle the smartest way - with 3 handy tips.

Drinking water: What's so good?

Water, a super drink. Water is everywhere around us, but also inside of us. Our body consists of 50-75% of water. Our brain accounts for 85% of water and is dependent on a constant water supply to function. If your brain is already in 2% too little water, it loses its alertness and focus. According to neuropsychological research, your brain becomes just a lot of lazy seed ... The test group who drank a glass of water immediately before performing a mental task had a reaction time that was 14% faster than the group that did not. Healthy drink water with minerals from a Water Cooler Bodalla. Not just your brain needs a fresh water supply. Also, your organs, muscles, skin and blood will help. In fact, When your blood loses more water than it gets you are already drying out. And that goes faster than you think. When you get thirsty you have already landed in the first stage of drying out. Immediately noticeable effects are fatigue, messy work, confusion, a flammable mood and a haunting short term memory. In short: your productivity takes a dip when you drink too little water. Use the Water Cooler Bodalla for great tasting water.

How much water per day is good?

Drink more water in hot weather. Okay clear, so? Water = good. Too little water = bad. Too much water is not good either. But what exactly is enough water to make your brain function properly and keep your body healthy? The feeding center recommends about 1.5-2 liters a day - about 8 to 10 glasses of water. How much you need exactly depends on your gender and you build. But let's keep the average of 9 glasses for convenience. And assume that you spend of your water needs during office hours. That means:

x 9 glasses = 6 glasses / 8 hours = ¾ glass per hour. Three-quarter glass per hour. About 3 glasses in the morning and 3 glasses in the afternoon at the office.

Awareness is phase one: complete with these.

But how do you get to phase two: execution? How do you even come on a busy day on those 2 times 3 glasses of water? I could say that you should walk to the canteen or the crane every hour because that is good for your body and your brain. But in practice it may be more difficult to keep it than it sounds. That's why it's time for a few handy tips to easily drink enough water without having to worry too much: Phase two is in operation. Course time management. Water at work: 3 tips to teach you thirst. You now know how much water you should drink on a working day. Now it's the most difficult part: it really does. How do you seduce yourself to more water moments in your day, even when you're not such a fan of this drink or when you have a really busy day that you forget about hot and hot water? Well, these 3 handy tips could help you on your way:

1. Make your water more enjoyable with a piece of fruit: fruit water! Healthy and tasty, as you get as much water as it is without.

A handy bottle to do that is, for example, the Citrus Zinger, which carries out a slice of lemon in your water. Other fruit can of course also, but lemon is really recommended. Citrus-zinger-water-drinks.

Or just use a cool bottle and use some (frozen!) Pieces of fruit in (lemon, lime, strawberry, raspberries - and try a sprig of mint):
The Bobble is a renowned who cleans your water with his special drink cap;
The Nanopod bottle promises to mineralize your water;
Or just the ecologically responsible Tupperware drinking bottle.

2. Put a jar of water (for example, half a liter) on your desk.

More-water-drinking, Fatique solved by drinking water.

Of course, there may be some sweets. For example, you tend to fill your glass soon and by drinking when you are busy. And you can also share your new good habit with your colleagues. Is the jar empty or do you need a sanitary plug due to your increased water consumption? Then you have a good excuse to get up and move around. Hot and cold water from a Water Cooler Bodalla.

3. Also there is an app for: Waterlogged (Apple) and Water Your Body (Android).

They care about how much water you have drunk, how much you have to go, how to see overall statistics, and they remind you of a glass of water when you dry for too long. Cold water drinking.

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5 Detoxification symptoms during your detox treatment at home. Water Cooler Bodalla.

Drink plenty of clean water. Yes! You have taken the step to detox. Maybe you have started a detox cure with only juices or are you going to eat vegetarian for the next few days or weeks and without a packet or sachets cooking a la detox? Then it is certainly not just rose scent and moonshine, you can start feeling downright shit because of the detoxification symptoms! I have now followed various types of detox treatments and I often experience it in my practice. after a few days, annoying ailments can develop, real detox detoxification symptoms. To make sure you don't stop your detox treatment head over heels, here are some common symptoms with tips on how to reduce them. Keep up the good work! Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs.
5 detoxification symptoms during your detox treatment:

1. Intestines run wild

Feces during your detox treatment may change. Do not panic it is part of your detoxification Bloating and some more gases in your stomach are a known phenomenon in your detox treatment with food. Because you eat more fiber, your digestive tract should take the time to adjust to your new diet. More fiber stimulates the growth of good bacteria, which can cause more activity in your gut. And yes, that sometimes includes a little more gases Sometimes you can get temporary diarrhea or constipation, some suddenly go to the toilet much more often. Your body needs time to get used to it. Chew your food carefully and slowly, this promotes the digestion process. Finally, drink enough water from your benchtop or floor standing water cooler Bodalla (or take these detox drinks), especially if you take extra fiber.

2. Fatigue, not having energy

5 detoxification symptoms during your detox treatment at home that unfortunately are part of it. Being tired at the beginning of your detox treatment is normal. It can be caused by the release of toxins. You would think eating healthy foods would give you more energy, and you are right! But detoxing from caffeine, sugar, and fatty foods can make you go through a few hard days before feeling energized. Your body is working very hard, hold on! Make sure you go to bed on time and don't exhaust yourself with heavy training programs and overtime. Even if you eat too little, the absence of calories will give you a tired and sometimes cold feeling. The first days are often the toughest. After that, your energy will increase and you will eventually feel great. Take it easy, eat warming food and enjoy your performance!

3. Headache

Annoying detoxification symptoms in your detox cure? Consider headaches If you stop using coffee, processed sugar and alcohol, you will likely experience withdrawal symptoms. One of the effects is a headache, especially at noon and in the evening. Here are some tips to help you overcome that dreaded headache. Adding half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to warm lukewarm lemon water can help. Your headache may also be due to tension. You may feel relief by stretching your chest, neck and back. Finally, to remove toxins from the body, you need to drink enough water from your water cooler Bodalla to flush them out of your system. Aim for 8-10 glasses of water a day!

4. Negative feelings and irritability

Irritable, emotional and irritated during your detox treatment. Very common Mood swings are common detox symptoms in the beginning of your detox treatment. Drink more alkaline water from your water cooler Bodalla. As your metabolism adjusts to your dietary changes, you may be cranky and irritable. Several factors can cause irritability, such as the waste circulating in the bloodstream, or the withdrawal symptoms of caffeine and sugar.

Even if you suffer from candida or other fungal organisms are tackled at the same time, all kinds of reactions can happen in your body, such as allergy symptoms and irritability. You often experience improvement after a week. Hold on!

5. Stinky breath.

5 detoxification symptoms detox cure at home go to the sauna It is not uncommon to have a strong body odor as a detox symptom. This is due to the cleaning process and it can be quite uncomfortable! Your body not only removes toxins through the urine, you also sweat them out. The more toxicity you have in your body, the stronger your body odor will be.

Drink plenty of water to stimulate more urination and sweating, while helping your liver and kidneys filter out all of these toxins. You can also visit the sauna.

Filtered alkaline water from the Prestige Water benchtop and floor standing water coolers Bodalla

Drinking water: that's how much a person needs

Drink the right amount of water. Man is a “water creature”: as an adult he is composed of approximately 65-70% of this element. Surrounded by amniotic fluid, he grows in his mother's womb. It is also this amniotic fluid that we humans drink first. Without water there's no life.

In the human body, it serves as a means of transport for nutrients and waste materials, keeps the chemical processes in our cells going and, in the form of sweat, is an excellent coolant.

If you sweat, you have to refuel

Physical exertion causes most people to sweat. This natural cooling process is essential for our survival. To ensure this cooling, the water migrates from the blood into the sweat glands of the skin. The body temperature is then lowered by the evaporative cooling. After half an hour at the latest, you should refill the liquid that your body has lost through sweating. It is particularly effective if you refill it in small portions because your body can then absorb the water better.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?