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Drink the right amount of water

Posted by Peter on 31 May 2017
Drink the right amount of water

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Some of our vital features require water to function optimally. What happens if you do not drink enough? Everywhere we hear that drinking water is healthy. But do you wonder why? What happens exactly in our body if we do not drink enough water? Can you drink too much water? What exactly is the right amount of water to drink? Filtered water from Prestige Water. And how do you integrate that in an easy way in your life? It should also not be a thing. Read more why drinking water is so important, the effects of dehydration and how to prevent it, especially in hot days. Find out what the right amount of water is drinking. And, in a simple way, make a daily habit of.

Keep Vocal Functions

Our body consists for the most part of water. That is why our "parts" are doing well on water. Water cooler with or without filtration. Take for example the kidneys; The filters of our body. You can compare that with a sponge. To filter all impurities from our body, we must adequately hydrate them. Imagine half a glass of water over the counter. Try to clean it with a dry sponge. That really does not work. But if you hold the sponge under the tap and you wreck it, it will work out. That's how you work with kidneys too. Insufficient water drinking can thus lead to a limited kidney function. Thus, dehydration also affects cardiac function and blood pressure. By drinking the right amount of water, keep your vital functions up to date.

Better sporting performance

It does not matter if you are doing strength training or running. Muscles and joints that "thirst" perform as well as our kidneys less well. You will not be able to do anything about it. Do you have an active, sporty lifestyle or are you planning to do that? Be sure to teach yourself the right amount of water. And make a daily habit of. Your muscles and joints will be grateful to you and improve your physical performance. Truth about drinking water.

Higher productivity

Do you sometimes lose your concentration? Do you sometimes have a hangover, migraine or brain fog? A shortage of water in your brain is usually the cause of this. Everyone who has ever had a hangover knows the feeling. As if you have a cork-dry sponge in your brain. Hence the famous 'nadorst' and perhaps pull in salt. Your body is getting everything into water and tries to hold down the amount that is available. Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date. Sufficient water drinking is essential for better mental performance and higher productivity. You prevent brain fog and migraine. Also, the right amount of water will help you recover from a hangover and improve your concentration.

Manage your hunger

Thirst sometimes hides as a hunger. Certainly after sports. Physical effort extracts the muscles from energy in the form of sugar (glycogen). Hydration is also very important. Water drinking helps regulate your glycogen level and thus your hunger feeling. For example, think of a glass in which you dissolve one after another sugar bell. There is a moment when the water is more or less saturated. It becomes more a paste mixture than water. If you drink enough water, you also control the sugar syrup in your body. Prevent the temptation of this nice trek by first drinking the right amount of water.

Drink your beautiful

If you're healthy, it's visible on the outside. What does drinking water really does to your skin. I noticed it on my very first holiday in extreme heat. We made a two week tour of Egypt by the end of July. What was hot? So badly that a few liters per day went on. After two weeks I had stronger nails, smoother hair and even skin. From that moment on, I'm going to watch it. Did you know that you also find bad breath by drinking the right amount of water?

Drink the right amount of water

What does drinking 2 liters of water a day with your body. Now you know why drinking the right amount of water is so important. If it's OK then it's suddenly a lot higher on your priority list. And how do you determine if you drink too little, enough or too much water? It differs by person. The color and frequency of your pee indicate whether you drink enough. Ideal is a pale yellow color pudding and about every three hours. Except at night because your body then puts itself into a standby mode. Depending on the size of your bladder and the strength of your pelvic floor muscles, a healthy number of toilet visits averages five to six times a day.

First water, the rest comes later

And then get started. How do you do that; Drink the right amount of water?
Step 1 - Create an association

To develop a new habit, you are best connected to a specific other activity. This way you create an automation in your brain that you do not think about later. To teach myself the right amount of water, you can take four dining moments a day as an association. For example, start drinking a glass of water before every meal. Before breakfast, before lunch, before your snack and before dinner. When you drink before eating, hydration and digestion are not in the way.
Step 2 - Create a habit

A new habit develops in an average of two weeks. If you want to do it well, take a drink of water for two weeks as a clear priority in your agenda. If necessary, create various reminders so that you make conscious consciousness an unconscious association.
Step 3 - Drink more

To find out what's the right amount of water for you, build up the amount of water per drinking moment slowly to half a liter at a time. In this way you arrive at a total of two liters a day. Then adjust the amount to the color and frequency of your pee. Although the other three went more and easier, I even struggle to get rid of the first half liter in the morning. I noticed that I drink hot water more easily.
Step 4 - Extra boost

If you can and will like, add the juice of half a lemon to your first half liter in the morning. That gives digestion a kind of mini detox. You will also find water more and more delicious. If you still feel boring after two weeks, look for natural variations in your water like mint, lemon, thyme, berries or other natural and sugary flavors.

Now you know how to drink the right amount of water within two weeks. Then you really get thirsty if you skip a fixed drink moment. It is your intention to prevent you from now on. For example, use the time at your work. Can you use some help?

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