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Water with a taste, nice and healthy

I find water delicious. Healthy drinks instead of water. Sometimes it's only a bit boring, but it's very easy to get a good idea of: water with a taste! Certainly with the warm weather, this tastes extra delicious. Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar. Everyone knows you have to drink enough water. Unfortunately, we know, but we do not do it yet. No, 2 glasses on a day are not enough, make 2 liters of it! Did you know that drinking water is important for nutrient absorption, but also for processing the waste in your body? Healthy drink water made from your own tap from a Water Cooler Beaudesert. Better processing of waste is thus less residual waste in your body. Your intestines also become very happy with enough water. In addition to a happy body, this also means a healthier looking skin. Take a look at the results of the #graziawater Challenge: 1 month long 2-3 liters a day.

Now I think of you: but then I have to go to the w.c. so often! Yes, at first it will be. Your body suddenly gets a lot more than she's used to and sends a bump straight to your bladder, after a while your body will be used to it and you do not have to go to the w.c. Just try another month. If you never drink water, I find that you do not switch so quickly to the "boring" water. Tasty water after filtration from a Water Cooler Beaudesert. Give your taste papers even the chance. If you have always drank soda or juice (strong flavors and sugars) it is not easy for your spoiled taste buds. Do you find it hard to get used to the boring taste? Then make water with a taste.

Water with a taste

Are fruit juices healthy. Simple thoughts water with a taste of strawberry orange lemon

Infused water, flavored water, taste water or fruit water. Name it as you like, it's just water with a taste. You can throw whatever you want. For example, choose your favorite fruit (or combinations of fruits, vegetables and herbs). Cut this into slices, pieces or something else fun. Do this in a large can and add water and possibly ice cubes and put it in the refrigerator for at least half an hour. If you do not mind it, it must take a little longer to get enough flavor. I take a big bottle of water every day to work. In the evening I add enough water so that the fruit, herbs or vegetables are just under water. The next day I add ice cubes and fresh water and I have delicious water. Take the water straight from your Water Cooler Beaudesert.

Below are some flavor variations that you should really try:

Watermelon - mint

Also tasty with cucumber. Cut the watermelon into pieces. Mint can be leaves or a whole branch. Simple thoughts water with a taste of orange. Nothing more and nothing less. Soft orange flavor. Also tasty with blueberry or lemon and lime. Wash your oranges (preferably organic) and cut into slices.

Grapefruit - rosemary

Perhaps not the combination you think is right, but it's really nice. Rosemary is also delicious with orange.

Lime lemon

Simple fresh and slightly acidic. Only lime or lemon is delicious too.

Raspberry lime

Not too much lime, otherwise it will be too sour! Cleaning, cut ... You're getting it? simple thoughts water with a taste of Strawberry - blueberry. Hmm, whole light strawberry drink. Strawberries become witty and less beautiful in the water after a while. I can never add this one, but just make a new one. Just for the beautiful, because the taste does not get less.

Basil - lemon

Basil sounds crazy? Believe me it's pouring into your water. Try it out.

Kiwi - blackberries

A party to see and so does it too! I peel the kiwi and cut it into nice slices.

Basil - strawberry

Perfect combination. For some extra freshness you can add lime or lemon.

Pineapple mint

Pieces of pineapple and crushed mint. Also delicious with a spoon of coconut milk or coconut water. Simple thoughts water with a taste of lemon cucumber mint Citroen - cucumber - mint. Pretty fresh! Cucumber I like so much in the water. I also can not explain how it tastes. Just fresh? There are so many minerals in the water from a Water Cooler Beaudesert.

Apple Cinnamon

Slices of apple with a cinnamon stick. Apple pie water, hi hi!


Yeah, just mango. You can also take the frozen mango pieces.

Ginger - lemon

I really do not like ginger, but in water I like it! Ginger with lemon and possibly mint or basil.

Cherries - lemon

Hmm, this combination is so delicious! Water with minerals is better than just tap water.

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Benchtop Water Cooler Beaudesert
Benchtop Water Cooler Beaudesert
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Floor Standing Water Cooler Beaudesert
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Exclusive Water Cooler Beaudesert

How much do you drink from your water cooler Beaudesert when you train? Is it enough or maybe too much?

A friend of mine once ran a marathon. He trained well for it, because he really enjoyed doing sports and especially running. He appeared fresh at the start and nevertheless did not reach the finish. His marathon experience ended at the hospital. Having a full glass of water all the time.

I met Johan on the Alpe d'Huez. He was then a man I never thought he had ever played. Let alone that he could have run a marathon. Johan was overweight, but he did cycle. Although I don't think he could have climbed the mountain at my pace.

You understand that I was surprised when he told me about his marathon. Until he explained to me how the marathon went for him and what the consequences were for him. Around thirty kilometers, he was taken out of the race. He wasn't feeling well, his muscles were cramped and felt sour. His marathon ended at the hospital, he had blood in his urine and kidney damage. Instead of a nice medal, he received medication for a few years and was no longer allowed to run for a long time. Cause? He had drunk too little! The dehydration and the shocks of running together caused his kidney filters to suffer damage. Could this have been prevented? Probably. He should have been able to drink more. And not just him, many athletes forget to drink or assume that it is only important in warm weather. With the summer season on my doorstep, I ask myself: how much should you drink while running?

Moisture and drink

Tips to drink more water. As adults you need approximately 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid per day. This means moisture from drinks. Your diet also contains moisture, but that is not included here. Probably because that is a bit complicated. Exactly how much we need depends on our gender, our activities, age and of course the weather. A breastfeeding woman needs more fluid and so does an athlete. Sufficient drinking is important because moisture helps our body to remove waste, but also the absorption of nutrients and regulating our body temperature. If you drink too little and lose a lot of fluid by exercising, you may suffer from dehydration symptoms. This is a bit worse than just being a little thirsty. The lack of fluid in your body means that you are less able to dissipate your heat and that you cannot remove waste.

Fluid loss during exercise

Whether it is cold or warm, you lose moisture during exercise. By sweating, but also by breathing. When you exhale, moisture comes with it. This moisture loss during running can go up to 2 liters per hour. That is about as much as we normally should drink one day. Through our sweat we also lose minerals such as calcium and magnesium. That is why we must supplement it. Drinking some water from your water cooler Beaudesert is sufficient during shorter laps of 5 or 10 kilometers. What kind of water to drink. On normal days you can do this when you get home. In the middle of the summer it is nicer to take a bottle with you so that you can already do this during your training. It also helps to drink enough before your training. A glass or two is enough in the hour before your workout. If you train for longer distances, it is very wise to always take drinks with you. You would do well to drink about 100 to 250 ml per 15 minutes from your water cooler Beaydesert. . By always taking small sips you don't get a jerk.

Sports drink?

Stick to the recommended amount of moisture. Not only to prevent dehydration. You can also drink too much during exercise and that is just as harmful. Especially if you only drink water. You then do not supplement the lost minerals. You can get water poisoning with symptoms such as headache, nausea, muscle cramps and in the extreme case you can even get into a coma. It is therefore important not to drink water alone.
You can supplement the minerals that you lose during exercise by drinking a good sports drink. One in which these electrolytes - as the minerals are called - are found. There are many different brands and it depends on the person what you like. We like the SiS brand. That does not taste too strong and is available almost everywhere.
A handy tip is that it is better not to fill all your bottles with sports drinks, because normal water is also delicious. You can get a sticky mouth from that chemical and sweetened stuff. Not so tasty. Drinking water and sports drinks alternately is a good option.

How do you take your water with you when you go running?

On the bike you can take several bottles of water with you in the bottle cages on your frame. This is different for running. Fortunately, enough drinking systems have been invented. There are those special backpacks with a water bag. Fill the bag from your water cooler Beaudesert.

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