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TIP: The most effective way to lose weight is FREE! The water diet

Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date. Forget about all miracle remedies that promise that you lose weight quickly with their product ... the most efficient way to lose weight is free. What it is? Water is great from a Water Cooler Ballarat.

A water diet, water the most effective means to lose weight, who would have thought? I did not when I did the research. Water appears to be one of the most efficient ways to lose weight. In itself not surprising if you consider that the amount of calories that come in and the number of calories that you burn. Water is not only a thirst quencher, but also a hunger thirst! In fact ... did you know that thirst feels the same as hunger? Many people therefore confuse thirst with hunger. They are thirsty and think they are hungry. Healthy drinking water made from your own tap with a Water Cooler Ballarat. This leads to that annoying feeling that you can not satisfy the hunger ... whatever you eat! You keep eating because you keep feeling empty. In reality, you are thirsty and in need of water. Food only exacerbates the feeling just because your body needs more fluid to process the food. This was an eye-opener for me! But there is more ... much more!

Water and your metabolism

Water is the oil of your body. You can throw fuel into your car (food), but without the oil the engine runs inefficiently. Water ensures that all processes in our body run smoothly and efficiently. For example, water stimulates your metabolism. Healthy drinking water from a Water Cooler Ballarat. A shortage of fluid in your body, even if only 1% too low, causes a significant decrease in the efficiency of your body processes. 7 Ways to influence your energy intake. This may mean that your metabolism goes down, but also your ability to concentrate. It affects your entire body. Several studies show that drinking 500ml of water increased your metabolism by more than 30% (1) and that people who took a large glass of water before eating ingested 44% fewer calories (2). The body also consumed more energy after drinking a large glass of cold water. Probably to get the water at body temperature. So you can simply lose weight just by adding more water to your diet.

The water diet

There are even real water diets on the Internet! Now I have "dived in" and I honestly do not think so in the 'water only' diets. At least ... not for a long period. Because if you do it one or two days, it is actually another name for 'fasting'. If you do it for longer than two days, then you are mainly committing robbery to your body. Your body will then break down muscle mass for energy and after the diet will start to store fats as reserves. You could consider it a water diet if you drink a large glass of water (400-500ml) for every meal. Combine that with a low carbohydrate or Paleo diet and you will notice that the kilos fly off. The combination with these two diets is that they are rich in proteins, so you do not lose muscle mass.

Water and Detox

Truth about drinking water. The water diet (water-only) is not directly a diet that contributes to your health, but detoxing is. Although it is not directly a solution for overweight (it helps of course), it is a way to rid your body of toxic substances. As a result, your body is being cleaned up. And now I have to directly contradict myself ... because although detoxing is not directly meant to lose weight, this is often the result. And even better ... your body is then better able to lose weight. This is, for example, a program that is aimed at this and works according to a number of followers. Water always plays an important role in detoxing. Usually you can still eat certain vegetables or fruit next to water, but water is the focus of detoxing. Hot and cold water from the Prestige Water, Water Cooler Ballarat.


Do you want to lose weight by drinking water? Then you do well to drink 2 glasses of water for every meal, 3 liters of water per day is sufficient. Do not go over it too much, because it does not make any sense and it can be counterproductive for your health. So not really a water diet in the sense of just water, but a lot of water combined with healthy food! Water cooler with or without filtration.

Benchtop Water Cooler Ballarat
Floor Standing Water Cooler Ballarat
Floor Standing Water Cooler Ballarat

Benchtop and Floor Standing water cooler Ballarat

We all know that it is important to drink 2 liters of fluid daily, preferably water from a water cooler Ballarat. But how many people actually do that? Few. Most forget it. I also forgot to drink for years. I was happy if I drank a liter a day. In the meantime, I have no trouble with it anymore and I drink 2 liters of water almost every day. Today I give you 6 easy tips that will make you succeed too! Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach.


  • Buy larger glasses - this sounds really simple, but it works. You pour a glass full and you drink that glass empty. If that glass has a capacity of 300 ml instead of 150 ml, you drink once as much without too much effort. Great tasting water straight from a water cooler Ballarat.
  • Keep it up - I use my bullet journal to indicate how much I drank that day, but there are also apps for it. When I see at the end of the day that I am a little behind, I quickly drink an extra glass to get it anyway.
  • Set alarm clocks - it might be childish, but if you really can't get enough to drink, they'll set you an alarm clock every hour and you walk to the tap to drink a glass of water.
  • Link it to habits - you probably have several habits a day. If you drink a large glass of water from the water cooler Ballarat when you get up, breakfast, lunch, dinner and brush your teeth, you will already have half of your fluid intake. And by linking it to an existing habit, you won't forget it so quickly.
  • Add a taste - would you like to drink water, but don't you really like it? 12 Ultimate water with fruit combinations. Then add a taste. Rather not a lemonade syrup, but you can, for example, put a slice of lemon or some mint leaves in your water so that it tastes better.
  • Always bring water - my very best tip is to always take a bottle of water with you and put it in front of you as soon as you sit down. I walk around with my bottle all day. He goes with me from my bed, to work, to my hobby room, to the living room. He is always next to me and therefore I automatically drink. Half a liter goes in, so I don't always have to get up to fill another glass. And I only have to empty my bottle 4x to get enough fluid. This means you need to drink plenty of water from your water cooler Ballarat. Water with minerals is better than just tap water.

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Prestige Water: Drinking during the day, for one it is easy, the other sometimes forget. Therefore, some tips to drink enough water in a day, that keep you healthy and fit!

I have to admit that I often forget to drink, it's really bad. I have already caught myself a few times that I have no or one glass at the end of the day. After being dehydrated in my bed for the umpteenth time, I decided this had to change. I looked up some tips so you don't forget to drink water. Because you have to get that one and a half liters. Is water healthy?

When do you know you're not drinking enough?

  • Dark yellow urine
  • Sudden headache
  • No concentration / fatigue


Yes, laugh, it works. Teach yourself to drink a glass of water after every visit to the toilet. You should go to the toilet regularly one day, so you also drink more, so you automatically go back to the toilet, so you drink more again. So more often to the toilet! Etc etc. It is also one vicious circle all.


If you drink water at home, take a large glass right away. Nothing is so lame to be proud that you drank from a thimble.


Make sure you have a bottle of fresh water with you every day. Do not leave the bottle untouched for too long, because standing water is not good for you. So drink it nice and fast.


"But, water is boring and doesn't taste like anything." Ah, you are one of those! Which can. Get creative and add a slice of lemon / lime to it. Or a splash of lemonade, of course.


Do you have a dead mole in your mouth in the morning? Drinking water! It rinses the mouth of food residues, bad smells and micro-organisms. So if you have morning breath or just a permanent odor from your mouth, water helps!

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If you really find it difficult now, there is still a solution. A water app. The app keeps track of how much you drink and the app can also send you a reminder if you forget to drink water from your water cooler Ballarat.
  • Water Your Body
  • WaterTracker
  • Carbodroid - Drinking water
  • Waterlogged
  • Plant Nanny

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