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Great tasting water made from your own tap with Prestige Water Cooler Ashmore

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Now you can learn to drink more water

That water is super healthy, we do not have to tell you anymore. Is water healthy? We all know it, but to drink at least 1.5 liters a day is sometimes difficult. You forget to drink or you do not have any water with you during a day out. Yet there are easy tips to ensure that you drink enough water every day.

1. Trick: every time you come back from the toilet you drink a glass of water. A very good tip, because you go to the toilet regularly one day. Teach yourself this trick and you sit on that 1,5 liter!

2. Drink water from a bottle and carry it with you. It is always handy to have a bottle of water with you. So you can drink every moment of the day. The easy thing about a bottle is that you know exactly how much water you have already drunk. 0.5 liter in a standard measuring bottle. Drink three of them empty and you're fine.

3. Download a water app. Ideal! Nowadays there are several apps with which you can keep track of how much you drink. You can also activate a reminder via these apps so that you do not forget to drink. Fine apps are Water Your Body, Watertracker and Carbodroid - Drinking water. Enough choice! Filtered water or bottled water.

4. Drink from large glasses. Take a big mug instead of a cup of tea. And take a large long drink glass instead of a small water glass.

5. Drink at fixed times. That way you can easily get used to drinking. It is better for your stomach if you drink water before eating, so drink some water before your meal. Of course you can also drink during dinner. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather?

Finally: Are not you a fan of water? Understandably, because many people find water tasteless or boring. Lemon water healthy and delicious. To make water better, you have to be a bit creative. For example, add a slice of lemon, lime or cucumber and put some mint leaves in your glass. Yum!

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?